Eye Shadow + Lip Gloss = Shimmer Lips


Who says eye shadow is just for your eyelids? Likely many makeup manufacturers and potentially the FDA, but that seems like an impediment to creativity (and don't those rules serve more as guidelines anyway?). With simplification in beauty routines all the rage (dual purpose blush and lip color anyone?), here's another opportunity to embrace the double duty makeup product: your coveted shimmer eye shadow as lipstick, with the help of a binding lipgloss, of course.

A little bit of MAC Kitschmas Pigment and Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss—the gloss applied first with the glimmering shadow added atop the tacky surface—and you're one step closer to the days of frosted lips past. A modern and decidedly paired down take on Mandy Moore circa “Candy' or potentially evoking thoughts of Andy Dwyer on the Christmas episode of Parks and Recreation. Both equally alluring, depending on your preference.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Photographed by Elizabeth Brockway.