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Miley's Super Sweet AMAs Performance

After her controversial performance at the MTV VMAs earlier this year, America’s favorite 21-year-old’s vocal talents were cast in a somewhat negative light. But if last night's rendition of ‘ Wrecking Ball’ proves anything, it’s that Miley’s been hard at twerk on her chords and rethinking her antics. Long story short: girl can sing. Whether it was her raspy Nashville drawl, the powerful Liam-driven heartbreak lyrics, or her unbelievably toned legs, hips, stomach, and arms… her performance was one to silence the haters. And with the ‘90s-esque, Lisa Frank-esque giant KITTEN CRYING DIAMONDS behind her, it's clear that Miley not only knows how to deliver an album that can be played on repeat (we do, and we are. Currently) but a show worthy of what we can only imagine will shortly be millions of YouTube views. (BTW, Shhh, Miley, I think the cat's trying to say something!) So, Destiny Hope Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus, we’re off to go find our very own impractically oversize Lucite bracelets and triangle earrings. You may be able to pull off the cropped kitten-print tank and high-waisted brief a bit better than us at the moment, but now we have a new goal for the New Year.

P.S. It looks like she wasn't a huge fan of those bleached eyebrows...