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Lisa Eldridge's 'Meeting Up With the Ex' Makeup

Lisa Eldridge makeup
Lisa Eldridge makeup

We’re often asked why we don’t make more how-to videos. In fact, some recent feedback indicated that of many things—product reviews, people profiles, “guy stuff”—ITG how-to vids (like this or this or maybe even this) have you saying, Cockney accent and all, “Please sir, I want some more!” So, we’re working on it! We’ve installed hidden cameras in all of our bathrooms and magnifying mirrors. Kidding. Sort of. It’s just that how-to videos require you to know how to do stuff, and more often than not, we rely on the sage advice of professionals in the hair and makeup department. Also, we want to do something different than what's out there on YouTube—not add to the noise. That being said, every so often we’re seriously impressed/inspired/tickled by a well-done instructional video, and we’re going to start calling them out. First up: a favorite from makeup maestro Lisa Eldridge.

When faced with the dreaded (or perhaps hopeful?) “meeting up with the ex to chat' situation, there's a whole lot more to think about than just what you're going to say. Sure, your former flame won't necessarily see you and go, “Oh, I thought I knew her, but if that's the kind of lipstick she wears, we are never ever getting back together.” That said, there is a perfect look you'll want to achieve to convince your ex that you are not to be forgotten. “Effortless' is the word that comes to mind (though, we have to admit, it may not be easy to achieve the fresh and carefree effect). Whether you're the one who severed ties or you're doing your best to get those strings reattached, it can never hurt to remind the ex that you were the greatest thing that ever happened in his or her life. You want to “shine bright like a diamond.” to quote a true poet of our time, both inside and out. And the “out' might just be easier. Here, Lisa Eldridge teaches us exactly what to do, which products to use, and offers some words of encouragement to those fine ladies facing a future uncomfortable meet-up.