Museum-Inspired Makeup

How. Many. Times...have the words “ highlighting' and “ contouring' appeared on ITG? It's one of those things makeup artists always talk about, which are pretty much impossible to comprehend (and, therefore, tricky to attempt) without a play-by-play visual breakdown. But, having learned myself, let me tell you that those two steps make a world of difference in the 5-minute-makeup department.

So when I met Violette a couple months ago and we got to talking (and becoming best friends, more or less) about her very specific approach to makeup—and how nobody knew how to carve out cheekbones and plump up skin like the Renaissance painters—I thought, let's take a little field trip, shall we? During Violette's recent visit to New York, we had quite a day: pedicures at Tenoverten (my new favorite nail spot... Uslu Airlines polishes!), lunch at Super Linda, and a jaunt uptown to the Met, where we met up with Maria for a quite particular guided tour... finished off with a show-and-tell on the steps outside.

Watch—and tell me you won't adjust your routine tomorrow morning.

—Emily Weiss

PS: Because I know you'll ask, and I know you will because there was an Instagram frenzy when I posted a picture that day, Violette's dress is from Dolce Vita.

** Update ** Ask and ye shall receive. Here's the list of products Violette used:

Moisturizer: La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Light

Foundation: Diorskin Nude

Lip Balm: Lucas Papaw Ointment

Blush: Dior Addict Lipstick in Bobo

Powder Blush (used to contour): MAC Buff

Eye shadow (used as highlighter): Dior 1 Couleur in 006 + Lucas Papaw

Eyeliner: Dior Crayon Khol in Black

Mascara: Diorshow