Shady Ladies: MAC Custom Contouring Palette

MAC palette
MAC palette

In case you were wondering if we read the comments, well, we do (we love them), and all the not-so-way back in December 2012, we saw a certain piquing of interest over the contouring palette Emily used on Alessandra for our Holiday Party Look. The MAC Custom Contouring Palette was called out by commenter Lori Santos, who wrote: “They look like 4 MAC shades that were used by, I thought, Diane Kendal...Please reward my complete and utter dorkiness by posting the link, ladies and gentleman of ITG.” Well, Lori, you’d be EXACTLY RIGHT, and for the record, we will always reward dorkiness. (Sidenote: this type of thing really makes our day!)

So, if you want to contour like you mean business, take a refresher course with Violette’s Museum Inspired-Makeup video (below), and go pick yourself up a palette like ours. (Our/Diane Kendal's MAC blush colors: Tenderling, Buff, Prism, and Sunbasque. Pop those suckers in a palette, which you can procure online or in a MAC store.) Oh, and we recommend this brush—and by “we,” we mean Diane Kendal uses it, so you know it's GOOD.

Buy the MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush here.