Quote-Unquote: Eva Chen

Eva Chen
Eva Chen

Because good advice never gets old (and, after yesterday's skincare post, we recalled this bit of mask-related wisdom, from one of our favorite interviewees. Ever.).

' SK-II, oh my God. I love their products. I use the mask before a wedding, or if I’m going out for a benefit or something. Years ago at a Calvin Klein show, there were all these models walking around who looked like Hannibal Lecter, and Pat McGrath said, ‘You have to try this product; it’s AMAZING,’ and she threw a mask on my face. The key ingredient, the ‘essence,’ is called Pitera and comes from sake, and the story is that old men making sake had beautiful skin on their hands. Years later, I went to Japan with SK-II and I went to the sake factory and I looked at their hands—the hands were freakishly young looking! And then they took a picture of me with some crazy technology and said, ‘This is what you’re going to look like when you’re 80,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God, give me the essence NOW!’ I love masks, period. I’m a big believer in pampering your skin at home. I think so many women say, ‘Oh, I get facials every other month,’ and I’m like—dude, do it at home. Buy a mask and make it a ritual.” — Eva Chen's Top Shelf (09/12/10)

Eva Chen photographed by ITG in September 2010.