Be a Cat Person

Freja Beha Erichsen by Karl Lagerfeld
Meghan Collison
Meghan Collison

Ohhhh hai, Halloween! Party’s this weekend, you say?! Don't panic: if you’ve got eyeliner, you’ve got a costume. You, Miss, can be a cat (notice we didn’t say copycat). There are just as many felines to channel—long hair, short hair, Grumpy, smiling, black, white, animated, or human—as there are ways to execute a cat eye. Just ask Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, or Kate Young. So grab your favorite liquidpot, or kohl, and go Anna Karina flick, Barbara Palvin curl, Josephine de La Baume super thin and nearly straight, Aline Weber neon, Wendy Rowe lash lush, Louis Vuitton reverse, or Derek Lam geometric. Then use your liner of choice to draw an upside-down triangle on your nose. For the rest of your face, we think cats, like Pat McGrath, prefer an “eye” over a “lip,” so leave the rest of the face simple.

As for the rest of your costume, all you need is a pair of ears. Short on Maison Michel lace? Try the Lagerfeld-approved ski mask+rose pin+whiskers combo. Or, grab an understanding friend and a pair of pointy-toed shoesdone. For added authenticity, try sipping on a bottle of milk between cocktails and keep an air of mystery. Now make like Devon Aoki, go soft in the wrist, and get grooming. Tail optional.

Advertisement courtesy of Chanel; Meghan Collison photographed by Emily Weiss.

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  • Arzu Dylus

    I ove love love the ears! You can do a lot of funny, sexy and silly stuff with that ;) <3

  • hayley durrant

    you can't go wrong with a good cat eye!!
    great post
    check my blog out at

  • Emily
  • Pia Bergman

    But you missed an opportunity to put up a picture of Julie Newmar!

  • silkandchai

    I'm loving the cat person idea...I had no idea last year what to wear and last minute went for the cat person look, so easy and everyone thought it was adorable! Thanks for the post!

    Stay lovely,
    Mel from Silk And Chai

  • Lavang

    Thank you ITG for the Cat Person idea! I had to think on the fly for my boyfriend's work event, and this post really helped me out. Bought a pearl cat ear headband from Forever21 (so inexpensive there, and I think the headband is actually a little chic), put on a black dress, and worked a super dramatic, smudgy cat eye. Got a ton of compliments on my simple but well executed costume. Merci!

  • Zoe the Moustache Cat

    No need for a costume here. I am the costume!


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