TGIF!: Vanity Fur


Let's call it kismet: there we were, trawling the internet looking for something to help us while away this Friday afternoon, and what did we find? Ilene Hochberg's 1988 paperback Vanity Fur, a beautifully wrought, pet-centric send-up of Vanity Fair.

Friends, we don't know if it's the stories exploring the rift between Christian “Laclaw' and Yves Saint Bernard; the features on Andy Warhund, Ruff Lauren and Jackson Pawlock; the brilliantly composed advertisements for Calvin Klaw's Pawsession [3], Purrscriptives [11], Hissey Miyake [4] and Purry Ellis [5]--'The most comfurtable fragrance a cat can wear,' anybody?-- the late 80s snaps of designers with their pets (Michael Kors! [10]); or just that we succumb to the whole funny-pictures-of-pets-in-people-clothes thing, but we're kind of into this parallel universe publication (/would definitely subscribe). Please relaunch?