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Which Scented Lotions Are Safe For Sensitive Skin?


Synthetic fragrance is a hard thing to avoid. Which can make shopping for skincare, much less skincare that actually smells good, tricky business for people with sensitive skin. Who among us hasn't donned a pair of reading glasses to scour the ingredients list for that little (Fragrance) parenthetical? Finding it is the worst feeling. You put the bottle back on the shelf, all the while wondering if it would really be that bad if you tried a little?

Now, everyone's sensitivities are different, but if you're desperate for something that's a little more pleasing to the olfactory than your standard Lubriderm, you'll probably want to stick to the all-natural aisles. Not everything straight from the earth is going to smell fantastic (some face oil recently came across our desks that has the bouquet of what you might brine a turkey in), but lotions heavy in the essential oils should suit your needs. Origins Calm To Your Senses line (there's a Body Souffle of course, but the bath oil is excellent as well) has such a strong (but non-synthetic!) fragrance you might get nervous if you've been conditioned against anything that doesn't smell clinical. But not to fear, the lavender and vanilla here are soothing to both skin and mind.

Higher up on the luxury scale, Aromatherapy Associates rather predictably is all about...aroma. Their Nourishing Enrich Body Butter is pleasantly incense-y with patchouli and jasmine. A slightly lighter formula, the Renewing Rose Body Cream is a good fit for anyone who's a rose fanatic (if that's you, also be on the lookout for the brand's limited edition Renewing Rose Body Velvet, out Feb. 1).

But, for the price, our pick is Acure Organics Firming Body Lotion. It's $10, available at Target, and smells super fresh—like lemongrass. Lather on, take a deep breath, and relax.

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