The Fashion Designer Who Always Uses SPF


“Hi! My name is Taylor Dorry (@taylordorry) and I am a fashion designer and maker based out of South Florida. My instagram started out as just my personal account but has evolved to both personal and my brand. It’s actually pretty fitting considering my brand is me through and through. I’m also really grateful for Instagram because it has made it possible for me to build relationships with people I wouldn’t be able to interact with otherwise. It’s the community I always wanted.

Being in the fashion industry it's inevitable you will be in the public eye. For me, this is all new and will take some time getting used to. I’m definitely a little more self aware now in terms of what kind of message I’m sending. A lot of times an image is all I have to translate who I am. I really try to remain as real as possible no matter what it looks like.

My mom has always been a beauty queen who went the extra mile to take care of herself. It seemed so easy for her. Growing up I felt really out of place with beauty and often wished I was more like her but once I found my confidence and community I realized that the most radiating thing about my mom all along was her confidence. That’s where it's at.

For my hair, I practically do nothing. I don’t do any styling and you can usually catch me cutting my own bangs but I do love skincare. In the morning, I wash with Dermalogica Daily Glycolic Cleanser followed by a five minute Nuface treatment, Biolumi-C Serum by Dermologica, Murad Oil-Control Mattifier Moisturizer, andIlia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40. Then, I’ll do Glossier Cloud Paint (I mix colors and put it all over, the more blush the better) and Boy Brow. At nighttime, I wash with Glossier Cleanser Concentrate followed by Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask with Vitamin C by Youth to the People. Occasionally I’ll swap and try a new product but that’s my current regimen. I also love a good face mask. Besides randomly acquired sheet masks I use Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Cleansing Clay Mask a few times a week.

I’ve got to hand it to Murad Acne Body Wash and Spray. I occasionally suffer from hormonal back acne and for those of you who experience this know it’s not only uncomfortable but it can be quite embarrassing. This body wash and spray has been the only thing to really work for me. A huge turning point for me in terms of skincare was in my mid-twenties when I started to see my friend/esthetician Erin Valin (@chironskin.lab). She is definitely a staple. I really have her to thank for my current understanding and harmony with my skin. I think it's really important to have a skin connect in your life whether it be a trusted social account you follow or a professional. They’ll always get you back on track when you fall off.

Nobody is perfect. I’ve learned it's the imperfections that are the real showstoppers. I also believe that the happier you are in your day to day life will shine through to your appearance. I know it's really tough but try to do something you love for a living. Oh and always use SPF!!

Decompressing is really hard for me considering my broke ass started a business all by myself. I work a lot. That being said, I really try to listen to my body and be nice to it. When I feel like “being lazy” I just do it. I usually end up coming out of it feeling inspired and motivated. I definitely believe that creative people should just do nothing sometimes.
Vivienne Westwood, it's not a new obsession, but she just doesn’t quit inspiring and consistently evolves while staying true to herself.

Authenticity matters most to me not only personally but within my brand. Westwood inspires me to create without apology and stand up hard for what I believe in. Not to mention she is aging like a boss.”