The Wishlist I Emailed Everyone In My Family


The holidays are about family, food, and traditions. They are also about presents, which is both a gift (sorry) and a curse. Presents cut both ways: both the giving and the receiving. On one hand I’m horrified to gift something the receiver doesn’t actually want, and on the other, receiving an unwanted gift is a special kind of misery. You don’t want to admit you don’t want it, such an action being selfish and all, but then you’re left wondering what to do with all this [waves hand] unwanted stuff.

For a long time I subscribed to the school of thought that wish lists were gauche things for self-absorbed people, but as an adult now I know that’s crazy talk. Truly! There’s nothing more helpful than receiving a wishlist, so you don’t have to spend hours scouring every listicle on the internet for the one. And few things are more satisfying than getting something you really like. Which means, say it with me, you have to communicate your wishes instead of expecting expert-level mind reading from your friends and family. For some that’ll come easy: you know exactly what you want. But for others... maybe you need some ideas for your own wishlist. Here, let me help you, I’ll show you mine.

The wearables
Sweatpants: As a super pregnant person who mostly works from home, I’ve developed an intimate relationship with stretch clothing, and anything soft. Maybe some fancy sweats likes these will make me feel less of a slob.
Sunglasses: After breaking and/or misplacing more sunglasses than I’d like to admit, legally, I can’t own expensive shades. These are cool-looking and priced to calm my nerves.
Coat: Every wishlist needs one big ticket item. This coat that keeps selling out is mine.

The kitchen stuff
Water bottle: Yet another ploy to trick myself into drinking more water. Everyone I know owns one...truly, I am the last holdout.
Cookbook 1: A cookbook that doubles as a coffee table book, aka, the book of my dreams.
Cookbook 2: Every food writer I follow recommends this book. Who am I to deny their expertise?

The home stuff
Planter: I can already picture the camellia I’ll plant in this guy, should someone be so kind to put this under the tree.
Rinka bowl by Kaneko Kohyo: Literally any food you place in these bowls will look restaurant-quality. I don’t make the rules; blame the bowls!
Spoon: I never thought a serving spoon could double as an objet, but here we are.
Gift card for flowers: I’ve never seen a more tasteful online flower store. Seriously.
Candles: These were in the ITG gift guide last year, and thankfully, they are still for sale. I mean, who needs fancy candlesticks when you can go straight to the fancy candles?

—Ashley Weatherford

Photo via ITG