Whip Yourself Up Some Bodycare Cocktails


Dry skin season is upon us, and it’s ITG’s duty to get you and your skin through it unscathed. While non-stripping body washes and humidifiers are helpful accoutrements, the real power player in keeping your skin happy is a moisturizer. Actually, better make that moisturizers, because like a Reese’s or an Olsen, two is better than one. Even the best moisturizers become better with the right supporting actor, which is why today we present to you our lineup of moisturizing cocktails. These duos are your bulletproof soft skin plan for the next four months. Which lotion team is right for you? Keep scrolling, you’ll be doublefisting in no time.

For Bumpy Skin: Paula’s Choice + Gold Bond

So you’ve got some bumps you want to smooth over—a chemical exfoliant will sort you out, lickety split. The thing about rough skin is that it’s rarely rough all over, so you’ll want to apply your exfoliator-of-choice strategically, lest you waste it on an already smooth calf. With 10-percent glycolic acid, the Skin Revealing Body Lotion from Paula’s Choice is a sure bet. There are no bells and whistles and jazzy scents with this tube, just pure workhorse mentality to give you the glass-like skin that KP sought to deny. Apply it to your problem areas post-shower, and then fill in the rest with Gold Bond’s Healing Skin Therapy Lotion. It’s a super thick lotion that spreads over skin easily, and its cushiony texture not only moisturizes (thanks to shea butter and ceramides), but also provides a short-term cosmetic effect of smoothness. A real twofer.

For Super Dry Skin: Hanahana + Cerave

You’ll need to bring out the big guns for extra dry skin in the winter. Start with the Tiktok (and dermatologist) favorite, Cerave. Each tub of the Moisturizing Cream is a VIP list of humectants and barrier-protecting ingredients—glycerin! Hyaluronic acid! Cermaides! They’re all in there. Then, layer on a thick shea butter to keep all those good-for-yous on your skin. Hanahana’s Shea Body Butter is the perfect tool for this job, and it helps that the butter’s shiny finish works doubletime as a subtle skin highlight.

For Everyday, Balanced Skin: Dr. Jart Ceramidin + Oil

So, you’ve got skin that’s doing just fine. Here’s how to keep it that way. First plop on Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Body Lotion that’s as thin as it is effective. What’s great about this lotion is that most lightweight moisturizers don’t seem to do much, but this one feels like a hug on your skin, and it dries instantly without leaving any sticky residue behind. Pair it with an equally lightweight occlusive that also has a great dry down. Our preference? Top 25-winner The Established’s Elixa Bath and Body Serum. Made with five kinds of oils and vitamin E, it’s like a topcoat for your skin. Plus! Its nearly-clear formula won’t stain your bath mat.

For Sensitive Skin: Aveeno + Aquaphor

You’ll need to do the least if your skin is sensitive, and sorry to report that means using fragrance-free, actives-free, fun-free products. At least you’ll be saving your coins, because the best solutions are drugstore-bound. Starting with Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion, which is powered by no-fuss glycerin. It’s easy to apply and smooth all over. Top it off with Aquaphor, or even Vaseline (yes, Vaseline! Please release it from the prison of your mind!) for an extra cushion. Apply to areas where you know you tend to flare up or scratch for a skin-protecting buffer. And just like that you’ll be treating your skin all winter long.

Photo via ITG