What The Heck Does Martha Stewart Smell Like?


In a recent Allure profile of Martha Stewart, the homemaking mogul revealed that she owns an approximated 70 bottles of perfume. (That is neither a typo nor the title of a drinking song.) While a lot of her routine seems not to have changed since her 2015 Top Shelf—Martha still seems to be a fan of Skinceuticals, Mario Badescu, and Clé de Peau—the beyond extensive fragrance collection came out of left field. At least for me. I know a rose by any other name might smell just as sweet, but you see, I want names. So inspired by this tweet, I started to try and ID them.

I'm ashamed to say I'm not getting very far with this on my own. Martha appears to be a woman of niche perfume tastes... though a handful of fragrance classics appear stocked in multiples. I see a big bottle of Dior Joy in the back left, a Chanel Chance in front of two (maybe three?) bottles of No. 5. The two black ones with pink labels on the far right are hair mists by Fracas de Robert Piguet (which I narrowed down because her love for Piguet was mentioned in the article), which are half the price of their eau de parfum counterparts. I love that for Martha.

Can you help with the rest? It's absolutely killing me that I can't ID the one with the upside-down half circle in the back middle. I also have a hunch that the big glass bottle of blue stuff and the pretty rose-topped one in the front have been decanted, but I could totally be wrong about that. (Please, prove me wrong!)

—Ali Oshinsky

Photo via Allure