For This Mother's Day, A Fragrance Swap


Here’s a new twist on an old thought: Give your mom perfume this Mother's Day. There's a fresh idea here—promise!

Gifting fragrance doesn’t have to mean nudging mom into an experimentational phase. Personal fragrance is like an olfactory fingerprint—choosing it for someone else is like trying to scribble said fingerprint onto a piece of paper. You think you know what it should be like, but do you really? Are you sure you’re not thinking of your own tastes here? It’s a risky move, and one the best gifters would recommend against. What if she hates your choice! Plus, the way she smells already makes you feel all cozy and cared for. Scent-triggered memories hit the hardest, and stay with us the longest.

But as far as gift ideas go, buying the fragrance she already wears is boring boring boring. Like, the equivalent of bringing a scented candle to a housewarming boring. You can do better, and by golly, you should do better! For mom’s sake, at least. Where’s the creativity? Where’s the pizzazz?

The answer to this riddle is buying fragrance as a pair. Send your mom your signature scent, buy hers for yourself, and use them as a little reminder that, although you might not be able to be there for each other physically right now, right now isn’t forever. Eventually, you’ll be able to visit, and hug, and exchange fragrances. It’s something to look forward to! Which is really the best gift of all.

The idea works for anyone you wish you could be physically closer to this Sunday—sister, grandma, mother figure, dad. And if you're thinking of someone you've lost, keep the fragrance for yourself. The point is, scent makes it easier to pretend that someone you miss is right there with you. And when you love someone, they’re never alone.

Photo via ITG