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Can We Talk About Joey From The Circle's Beauty Routine?


I got into The Circle the way I get into all great TV shows–by hopping on the bandwagon. My friends had some pretty strong opinions that The Circle, under the guise of being a trashy reality show, was really about the psychological underbelly and gamification of social media. “You need to watch it,” they exclaimed to me, a person who does social media for a living. So without further ado I watched an episode… which turned into five. I’m obsessed.

The premise of the show is that seven “players” are locked on separate ends of a flashy condominium complex for an undisclosed amount of time, basically under solitary confinement. They can only communicate with each other through a social media platform called “The Circle.” They can either play the game as themselves or as a catfish, and all the contestants are periodically ranked by popularity and blocked if they lose favor. The most popular at the end takes $100,000–and 15 minutes of Netflix fame, of course.

It’s about being vulnerable, remaining authentic, and knowing your angles—all the same things that make a person popular on real life social media. And while some played the game with diplomacy (Shubham), realness (Sammie), and abundance (Chris), one Joey Sasso played with a confidence and boyish oblivion that stood out instantly. Maybe it’s his Italian pride, his love for his mom, or the way he talks out of the side of his mouth… but I think it’s his beauty routine, which he was surprisingly diligent with! Join along as I screenshot my way through a Joey Top Shelf:

joey from the circle top shelf


We were introduced to Joey, man of skincare, in Episode 2. It happened when he and Shubham had their first one-on-one chat. In it, he reveals he’s “Currently standing in front of the bathroom mirror like a girl doing my skincare routine and proud of it.” Like a girl? Really, Joey? You’re lucky I like you!

joey 3

joey 5

After some sleuthing, I can confirm it’s the Pureheals Charcoal Mask. Clarifying, oil-balancing, gender-neutral and available online. But that’s not where his routine stops! He’s got a Clarisonic Mia Men1 , the Baxter Herbal Mint Toner5 , and a few other products I can’t quite figure out. Some Kiehl’s Age Defender stuff6 ? What I’m hoping is a serum8 ? Please help me fill in the gaps.

Notably missing from the lineup is sunscreen—perhaps he keeps it by the hot tub on the roof?

joey 7


Hair is Joey’s area of expertise. His tools of choice are a flexible metal-pronged comb and a basic wide-toothed comb for teasing, and then he goes in with the products. He’s got some kind of hair gel or leave-in conditioner2 . Next comes a pomade of sorts4 , and then… another pomade7 ? Lord. His lineup also includes Olaplex3 —we love a man who loves to condition! And he finishes it with Amika’s Headstrong Hairspray10 , for a total of five steps.

joey comb 1


Joey's workout routine includes overhead lifts accomplished while condemning himself to hell, and pretend pushups. But he also uses Old Spice Deodorant9 and Kiehl’s Creme de Corps11 to stay fresh. He’s also got a cologne12 that I think I’ve seen before, but can’t quite put my finger on.

joey 2

And the finished look:

Easy, breezy, beautiful Joey.

joey smiley -


—Utibe Mbagwu

Photos via Netflix