Our Favorite Products: January 2020 Edition


Welcome to Our Favorite Products, a monthly feature in which ITG's editors discuss our favorite products. They're the best things we've tried all month long, reviewed and anthropomorphized before we have the opportunity to get sick of them and move on to something new. This month we’re all about comfort: skin soothers and creamy makeup that feels good throught the day. It makes sense, for January.

Happier Skin, Overnight

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If you (like me) are a person who breaks out, here's a timely winter reminder: no matter what your inner voice tells you, no matter the spot treatment or the mask or the toner, the solution is never nuking it. Not really. Because irritated skin stays red for longer, and your skin is already dry enough right now. OK, now that that's out of the way: I first saw this moisturizer on Chemist Confessions, where the clinical results looked pretty impressive. And since picking it up, I've experienced similar success: when I use it at night, post-acne redness disappears while I sleep. The texture is thick and balmy and, if I'm being honest, exactly what my skin's been needing.
—Ali Oshinsky

A Beautiful Candle That Doesn't Break The Bank

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Maison Louis Marie candles have great mantle/shelf/end table appeal. They are beautifully restrained in their design, and if your vibe is lots of white with lots of fiddlehead ferns, these candles are the aesthetic fit. They also happen to smell great, and this one, No. 10 Aboukir, which is very woody with base notes of patchouli and cedarwood makes my home smell like a very chic hotel lobby or fancy boutique.
—Leah Chernikoff

A Lasting Glow

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The most luxurious part of my morning is choosing which one of the syrupy facial oils I’m hoarding I should smother all over my cheeks. The whole experience is opulent, honestly: seeing the oil’s sheen through the glass bottle, the tiny clinks of opening and extracting a few drops, the dew it leaves behind. Perfection. But as my collection of oils gradually progresses into a shrine, Supernal’s Cosmic Glow Oil continues to reign supreme. The finish is rich and there’s an impressive mix of fortifying oils to calm my easily sensitized skin. It’s also the only face oil that gives my face a radiance that lasts from the time I walk into the office to the time I leave. I’m excited to see what’s next from this brand.
—Utibe Mbagwu

Easy Eyeshadow That Still Feels Special

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I'm not really an eyeshadow person. Is anyone really an eyeshadow person? But I was cleaning out my beauty cabinet and discovered this Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow in Jean that I used during my wedding...nearly five years ago. (Do you think it's expired?) My best friend Contessa Schexnayder and her pal Nina Park, who now tends to the faces of Zoe Kravitz and Brie Larson and Laura Harrier, helped me figure out what to put on my face that day. I was in very good hands. And Nina recommended this subtly shimmery cream eyeshadow. It's got a lovely texture and even though I used it on a day when one wears a LOT of makeup, it still feels subtle enough to dab it on my lids on any non-wedding day. I bought a new one, guys.

Shampoo To Keep Long Hair Healthy

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Finding a good shampoo is tougher than it seems—why, I have no idea. But for months I was pulling shampoos from ITG's beauty closet, taking them home, and promptly bringing them back a few days later. Either they didn't get my hair clean, or they got my hair too clean, or my boyfriend was allergic to them, or they weren't made for my hair type at all. Until this Kérastase one. Now, I'd generally never spend this much on a shampoo, though I do have to admit: I haven't cut my hair since the summer, and after I switched to this line specifically made for long hair Ashley has complimented me on my length and shine at least a couple times. So! Decide for yourself—in the meantime, I'll be using this guy till the last drop.

A Comfy, Wear All Day Lipstick

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It doesn’t take much to appease my lips. Throw me a beigey-brown shade that’s moisturizing and doesn’t make me look chalky, and I’m yours forever. Dior’s Rouge Graphist Lipstick in Tag It is a retractable crayon, so no sharpener needed. (Mine is never where I need it, when I need it.) And, unlike other lip crayons, it’s not soo matte that your lips are left parched—mine feel comfy, even after I mindlessly reapply it at my desk for no reason whatsoever. She’s my comfort lipstick.

Photos via ITG