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Lily Aldridge's New Mom Starter Pack


Everyone has a collection of products that are more function than form—the overtly medicinal, not at all chic bathroom staples lovingly known as "The Bottom Shelf." It's the stuff you hide before the photographer shows up at your house to take photos of your most initimate spaces. Really, not wanting the internet to know about your plantar warts doesn't seem like that big of an ask. But you might be surprised to learn that before we sat down to talk to Lily Aldridge, no one had ever shared with us the best nipple cream, or what to use on a baby's diaper rash. "I could do a whole baby routine," said Lily, and do it she did. If you're a new mom, or love a new mom, here are the products to start with.

For Baby:

“I love Waxelene, which is like a natural version of Vaseline. After a bath, I use it on my babies so they don’t get diaper rash—I also use it on cuticles, and I put a small one in Dixie’s backpack because she likes to have a lip balm at school. Weleda Diaper Rash Cream is great if it happens anyway. Earth Mama Angel Baby makes a great line of shampoos, and I also I use their baby oil to give Winston little massages after his bath every night. It’s heaven—I put him into his jammies like a little oiled-up bean.”

For Mom:

“There are certain vitamins I take when I’m nursing: fish oil, a prenatal, B-12. I also take sunflower lecithin—clogged ducts are a serious thing, and sunflower lectin helps the milk flow. It’s really good to take. Earth Mama Angel Baby makes really good nipple balm that’s organic and natural, and Cosabella makes a great nursing bra.”

To Share:

“Covering yourself in moisturizer to prevent stretch marks is so not fun—you feel like you’re coated in butter all the time. When I was pregnant, somebody gave me the Mama Stone from Kate McLeod, and that was my number one beauty find. It feels so nice, and made moisturizing so fun and luxurious. After my son was born, I used it on him, too. And Water Wipes are really handy—they’re just water and a little bit of fruit extract, and they’re great for sensitive skin. [Ed note: also loved by Leah, Glossier's Head of Content—along with other stuff she steals from her baby.] I use them on my children, but I also keep some in my car so if I have mascara running, I can take it off quickly. If it’s all natural stuff, you can mix and match. You kind of have to multitask when you’re a parent.”

—as told to ITG

Photo via Instagram.