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RIP Dior's Crème de Rose Lip Balm...Here Are Some Alternatives


If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well...yes. Sound is sound, right? Take my word for it, and let’s move on to a more pressing conundrum. If a beloved beauty product becomes discontinued, can you measure the internet’s collective despair? Up to bat: Dior’s Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm, a creamy, luxe lip balm discontinued some time in 2018. After I shared the news of its eternal extinction via Instagram, the balm’s image earned 886 comments of commiseration. SAD. And yet, months later, some dedicated Ebay scouring revealed something promising: Dior Crème de Rose, in all its delicately smooth, Damask rose-scented glory, alive and well and available for purchase—but only if you were willing to pay a 366-percent markup.

Good products are hard to let go of, but...why should we? Just because some big guy upstairs took them out of production? No! This is what dupes were made for. Every beauty product's got at least one, including our beloved Crème de Rose. Here’s what I’ve gathered for your balmy pleasure:

If you liked Crème de Rose’s rose scent and subtle tint, try…

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Rose

Smells and tastes (yes...tastes) like rose! It leaves lips perfectly conditioned, and was voted “Least Likely To Fall Out of Your Pockets” by yours truly thanks to its tubular shape. Choose this one for its dependability and addictive quality. Plus, it goes with the flowers you’ve already got at home.

If you liked its chic packaging try...

Lilah B’s Divine Lip and Cheek Duo OR Kjaer Weis The Lip Balm

Two options to satisfy your love for lip balms-in-a-pot. The former goes the extra mile, giving you hydrated, flushed lips and dewy, flushed cheeks (at the same time if you so desire!) The latter is pure, architectural luxury—a true lip investment. What you pay for now, can be refilled at half price later, and at a few $ less than Dior Crème de Rose at store price.

If you liked how it was moisturizing, not oily try…

Bite Beauty Agave Nighttime Lip Therapy

This lip balm is just...rich. Supremely moisturizing, but not in the way lips feel after polishing off a couple slices of something cheesy and greasy. Very lush, probably because it’s technically a nighttime lip mask. But if you loved Créme de Dior, that means you’re not afraid to wheel around a jar of the good stuff at all times of day. Keep it at your desk, and reach for it when your lips need some lasting TLC. Did I mention it comes with a teenie spoon? That way you can scoop instead of sacrificing your fingertips for unchapped lips.

If you liked how it smoothed out lip lines try…

Kosasport LipFuel Hyaluronic Lip Balm

An iconic duo of hyaluronic acid and mint works to plump and soothe lips at the same time. It also leaves lips satiny and with a natural tint if you decide to go for the Rush or Pulse shades. Try applying it when your lips are a little damp so you can get the full effect of lots of moisture, and the look of fuller lips over time.

And there you have it—all worthy contenders for your new lip balm holy grail. Any other discontinued products you want to see get their proper place in the sun? Sound off in the comments.

—Utibe Mbagwu

Photo via @iamnnasin