Chic Solutions For Unchic Problems


It is ITG’s belief that the beauty world needs its own version of the children’s book Everbody Poops. Maybe we could call it Everybody Gets Dandruff. Because everyone probably does. It’s OK! And thanks to the latest innovations in science and design, you can now stop stashing the evidence in your bathroom any time guests come over. (If they’re snoopers, they’ll find it anyway.) Instead, bless your Bottom Drawer with a Top Shelf-worthy assembly of chic problem-solvers. Yes, even your flakey scalp and bumpy skin can turn into cause celebré for a product upgrade now. Design lovers with hormonal breakouts rejoice! The beauty world has smiled on you today. With these particular gems:

For Chicer Keratosis Pilaris: True Botanicals Resurfacing Body Mask

If you are the proud owner of mysterious little bumps on your arms, legs, or any other “easy to hide in the winter, hard to hide in the summer” areas—congratulations! It’s probably KP. KP is pretty harmless; it just means that there are itty bitty buildups of hard keratin protein taking up residence under your skin. Those freeloaders! Kindly evict them with the most beautiful body mask ITG has come across, from True Botanicals. With a combination of lactic acid and green tea, the formula seriously exfoliates and soothes at the same time. Apply 15 minutes before you shower, wander around your home naked and glorious, then rinse off. This is now your theme song.

For Chicer Dandruff: Act + Acre Scalp Detox

The reasons your scalp itches and flakes are as varied and plenty as the day is long. Maybe you’re using too much heat. Or your products are irritating. Or you have eczema up there. Or maybe something completely different! Whatever your root cause (heh) is, the good folks at Act + Acre would like you to take a minute with their cold pressed formulas and see how good natural scalp care can be. The Cleanse and Conditioner are lovely for daily maintenance, but the real star is the nozzled Scalp Detox, featuring moringa, baobab, and amaranth oils for a 20 minute (or overnight) scalp care experience. Flakes are visibly reduced after one use—and the scalp and hair only continue to improve with use. But why is it chic? Not only are their bottles stately but modern, they’re made of the highest grade of recyclable plastic (plastic that was itself made of 100-percent post-consumer material).

For Chicer Germs: Byredo Rinse-Free Hand Wash

This one’s for the germaphobes. If you must carry around a portable bacteria-eliminator, then you might as well make it something nice to look at—and nice to smell, too. Fortunately, those aesthetically-driven folks over at Byredo worked out a little solution. They call it a “Rinse-Free Hand Wash," and the name alone is an upgrade (antibacterial hand gel doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue). Byredo offers three that come in little tubes that look like hand creams, and each "hand wash" is formulated with almond oil, so the alcohol doesn’t dry your hands. And the fragrances! You’ve got Rose, Vetyver, and Suede, a bergamot-meets-musk scent, to choose from. So the next time you’re inclined to kill some hand germs, when you hear someone across the room yell “hey, what’s that smell?” you’ll know that they’re wondering about the pleasant scent that just wafted by, and not whether someone's cleaning up a crime scene.

For Chicer Pimples: Zit Stick

So you have a pimple… What comes next is ye olde spot treatment. There are a lot of different ones out there, but there’s no need to complicate matters because one with benzoyl peroxide is really what you ought to be looking for. It’s the cheapest and most thoroughly researched pimple fighter around. Our colleagues down the hall made a super chic one with Zit Stick. For starters, it’s pink! And instead of a stumpy squeeze-tube, it’s housed in a pretty pen-like system. And yet, maybe the chicest part about this thing is that it works in record time. Three hours and counting, and your zit could go from pimple to pip-squeak.

For A Chicer Shower Cap: Louvelle

Showers: they’ve got to happen. And if you’re one with a hairstyle that requires protection from BIG BAD WATER, then your shower must also include a shower cap. Emily’s gone from hotel shower cap ambassador to Louvelle advocate, and for good reason! The main one being that these fancy shower caps protect your hair from water and humidity extraordinarily well. They’re thick and double-layered, but not too thick where you run the risk of sweating out your hair. And then there are the styles—all shaped like turbans (and some that are extra-large to accommodate bigger hair and heads alike) and thoughtfully pattered. You’ll be the Diana Vreeland of your bathroom, and it doesn’t get chicer than that.

Photographed by Tom Newton