The Sydney Beauty Tour


As a US-based beauty site, we haven't been in the routine of recommending a day-long flight all the way around the world for the sake of a beauty excursion. But that was before resident Glossier Aussie Abby Tonkin outlined this very compelling argument...

Ahh, Sydney. It’s just a hop, skip, and a really long and expensive flight away from pretty much everywhere. While I’ve lived in NYC for the past two years, Sydney is home, the place that I developed all of my beauty tropes (spending $400+ on my hair colorist but not owning a hair brush). Trust me when I say this—it’s worth the trip. You will walk off that Qantas flight feeling (and smelling) worse than you ever have. But you will return a new person, like you’ve been pumped full of superfoods (if you eat at enough Bondi cafes). Yes, you could just grab a sausage roll, a Heineken, and sit on the beach for three days and I won’t judge you. But despite what it seems, the really hot people on Bondi Beach didn’t wake up like that. See below.


11AM: If you’re not based in Oz, you’ve probably just arrived off a long flight. Please, take a shower. Throw on that Matteau cozi [translator's note: swimsuit] and sundress that it’s been too cold to wear and head out on the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk to stretch your legs. Don’t forget the camera or the Mecca 50+ Superscreen.

12PM: It’s time for an Australian staple—coffee and avocado toast. Head to Harry’s at North Bondi for a flat white and the avo tahini. Take a dip in the ocean—the cheapest beauty treatment around. Minerals in saltwater like iodine and magnesium are great for skin, while the cold water has been said to boost mood and the immune system. Perfect post-flight.

2PM: Chug some water on your way to Nimbus Co, cogently described as “a place to restore your body and mind,” for an infrared sauna. Spending 45 minutes in what is effectively a sweat chamber will not only prepare for you the Sydney heat, but will also help boost circulation and relax muscles—all key after a long flight.

5PM: If there was ever a time to take your hair a little (or a lot) blonder, it’s during your visit to Sydney. Not least because of the incredible colorists at Australian hair agency Edwards and Co. Spend a few hours reading Russh magazine in their large warehouse space in Surry Hills, and walk out with the creamiest, hand-painted color you’ve ever dreamed of. I’ve already reserved master colorist & stylist Alisha Mortensen for my wedding and I’m not even engaged yet.


6:30AM: Take advantage of that jet lag and head to Yoga by the Sea, an outdoor yoga class overlooking Bondi Beach, to literally salute the sun(rise). Follow it up with a sauna and a swim at Icebergs, the most beautiful public pool you will ever visit. The pool is filled by the seawater, constantly filtering through waves crashing up on the edges. Google image it. Make it your wallpaper. Go there.

9AM: Stroll back up the beach until you hit the Bondi Farmers Market, set in a local school selling local produce as well as really good coffee and healthy takeout (the corn fritters are particularly good) to eat on the grass. Saunter over to Australian boutique Tuchuzy on Gould St. for Bassike tees, Maison Balzac candles and Reliquia earrings. Other local stores include Aesop, Flannel, and Venroy for more Aussie goods.

1PM: It’s time for your dream facial. Melanie Grant—the woman behind Nicole Warne’s wedding glow, and basically the reason Australian actresses have such great skin. By popular demand, she is even bringing it to LA in 2019. I had a bespoke facial, designed to remove build up and debris (read: NY city air pollution). For me that meant gentle diamond microdermabrasion, a lactic acid peel followed by an enzyme infusion via ultrasound, finishing with 20 minutes of light therapy. Ahhh.

2PM: Take your freshly glowing skin across the street to the brand new home of Kristin Fisher Brows. Get your brows tinted & tweezed, and follow it with their signature Lash Lift. Try not to look awake afterwards.

3PM: Make your way over to Mecca Cosmetica, a chain of luxury beauty boutiques (Australian and female founded, thank you very much). Book yourself in for a makeup application or a personal beauty lesson, completely redeemable for product (you were going to buy it anyway). Pick from a curated selection of local and international beauty brands (think Kosas, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Diptique). Mecca’s own brand is also very good, particularly the SPF lip tint.

5PM: It’s Saturday, take your new hair, brows and makeup out for a cocktail, wherever your heart desires.


8AM: Head to Paramount Recreation Club, a health club and kiosk set on an inner city rooftop, for their signature Paramount Workout. Stay for a post-workout massage and a breakfast burrito on the terrace.

11AM: All that sun and sweat means its probably time to give your hair a wash, but nobody likes to style their own hair on vacation. Make your way to Paloma Salon in Paddington for their signature dry styling. You can pick from styles like Perfectly Imperfect or Beachy Texture, and be out the door in 20 minutes. They’ll even offer you The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder to sip on while you’re at it—true multitasking.

12PM: Stroll through Paddington to find stores by Australian brands Zimmermann, Scanlan Theodore, Dion Lee, Lover, MCM House, & In Bed. Stop by Jackies Cafe for their famous Sashimi Salad.

3PM: Australia is known for high quality vitamins and supplements (they are subject to more stringent regulations here), so stop by the local pharmacy and pick up whatever your doctor has been telling you to take. Ultraceuticals magnesium powder and vitamin C will likely help you through that long flight home, and the JS Health Hair & Energy Vitamins to restore damage from your newly blonde hair.

4PM: Go to Orchard St., Sydney’s answer to Moon Juice (only better). The iced dandelion latte with house almond milk and immunity elixir is basically the healthiest thick shake you will ever drink. You will also want to pick up some of their elixirs, medicinal mushrooms or herbs to take home with you, if only for how pretty they’ll look on your kitchen shelf. Close out the weekend with that Heineken because...balance. Until next time!

—Abby Tonkin

Photos via Instagram.