2018's Best Beauty Takeaways


Hello and welcome to the week of “Best Of” lists. It’s the end of the year and anyone with access to a blog is rounding up the best memes, the best movies, and the best beauty products (except we made you generate that one—we’re feeling lazy). ITG loves a list, any type of list, so we dug deep this year to find our top takeaways of 2018. The things that, as beauty editors, we found ourselves thinking about more often than not. They’re not things to buy (thank goodness, right?), but they are things to consider, particularly with resolution season right around the corner. Which begs the question: What's on your mind as we ride out the last week or so of 2018? What were your beauty takeaways? You know where to leave 'em.

You probably need less product than you think

It’s so tempting to go above and beyond with your skin. To use 12 steps (when maybe you only need three). To use a quarter size glob (when your face is small enough for a dime). In general, less is probably more—at best because you might be wasting product, and at worst because you might be overwhelming your skin. See how small you can go while still reaping the benefits. 2018 marked the year Danuta told us one drop of something like Vintner’s Daughter could be all you need. And only a few times a week! Mark that as a win when the bottle costs $185. And even if it doesn’t…

Not all primers are worthless!

Hey, have you met Ashley Weatherford? Because if you have, then you know: She’s crazypants in love with the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer. (Exhibit A, Exhibit B.) Gone are the days of sticky, chalky, skin-ruining base layers for makeup. We’re very happy to be ushering in an era of products that smooth the skin and make all other products look and feel nicer. Or make like Or Gotham and use primer instead of everything else. Revolutionary!

Blush can be a hell of a contour

No shade to old-fashioned contouring, but have you tried just using a bit of blush? Works like a charm. Particularly if you’re looking to wear basically no other makeup (as compared to maybe some foundation, definitely some concealer, the darker shade of whatever, and then a little highlighter…) Why? Who knows! But giving your face some dimension is probably the reason. Doesn’t matter what you use, really—more than just your flesh tone is going to be pleasing to your eyes. Dab across your nose too. Gives a nice sun-kissed effect.

Find someone who can cut your hair and stick with them

Nearly every ITG editor has learned this one the hard way. Some new buzzy salon comes to town and we’re the first in line—and the first with a bad haircut. Not to say these new guys are bad at their jobs, but it is hard to find someone who speaks your hair language. Got someone you’re happy with? Don’t rock the boat. You may not know how lucky you are…

Maybe ditch the conditioner?

Another hair tip thanks to the personal routines of ITG. Conditioner is a wonderful tool for detangling and adding weight to fluffy hair. But what if you don’t want or need those things? Then you might want to try skipping the conditioner one of these days. A routine without it can cause lighter, bouncier curls, and healthier-feeling hair overall. Might not work for everyone, but it might work for you. What have you got to lose?

Skincare isn’t always just skincare

It’s a myriad of other things like the bacteria on your pillowcases, the bacteria on your phone screen, and the bacteria on that towel. Keeping those things clean is pretty easy and cheap luckily (or go without the towel and start using speaker phone). Before you invest in a new exfoliating mask, do a deep clean of your linens… See what happens!

And finally: know when it’s time to call in the professionals

Skincare is a great tool. Some facialists are geniuses. Hey, even the comment section on this site is right on the money most of the time. But if you’ve got a persistent problem (e.g. forehead acne that doesn’t conform to a cycle, diet, or ingredient list), it may be worth booking an appointment with a dermatologist. They tend to know what they’re talking about! A prescription might be just what your skin needed—and you can get back to enjoying the fun parts of skincare again. And that's why we're all here, right?

Photo via ITG.