Visine To The Rescue


There are many things worse than getting a pimple. No need to get into what, but it feels like important perspective to start this with. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and remind yourself that getting a pimple, even a big one, is not the end of the world. Even if you have a weddding to go to this weekend and didn't bring primer in your suitcase and it's definitely going to be 95 degrees and sunny during the outdoor cocktail hour. Lots of other things could be way worse. Your life is actually pretty great! This pimple, smack dab in the middle of your face, couldn't bring you down if it tried.

Of course, life would be one tiny little bump better if that pimple weren't there, but you don't have time for wallowing. Or a cortisone shot for that matter. And any sort of at-home extraction day-of is pure folly—that'll only make things worse. That you know for sure.

So you can't make it smaller. BUT you can at least make it less red (which is half the battle when you think about it). Run to the drugstore—or maybe you have it already—and pick up a bottle of Visine, though any anti-redness eye drops will do ya. Soak a cotton pad and press onto the zit for a minute or so—really let it soak it up. And presto! No more red. It's a special kind of miracle. Cover up as you will (a lot less than you would've been tempted to otherwise) and go about your day. Your blood vessels will be temporarily (and safely) constricted for a few hours—just enough time to get you to the bar where you can grab a drink and really forget about all your troubles. Including the zit. Cheers!

Photo via ITG.