Are Masks...Over?


Certains things in life are clearly trends. Tiny sunglasses for instance. Or cauliflower rice. These weren't built to stand the test of time. They're fun for now! Take photos and share recipes responsibly. In 10 years time, you'll look back and laugh.

So with that in mind, a question: When was the last time you masked? 'Round these parts, we're struggling to remember. With liquid exfoliators and retinols addressing the pore situation, serums and essence helping out on the hydration front, and vitamin C turning up the brightness...what is left to do? Seems like all the essential skincare bases are covered. And pretty well, at that. You wouldn't want to overdo it now.

Do you still mask? What do you use? Why do you do it? Are all our #maskforce selfies in the rearview mirror? Let's sort this out together. See you downstairs (the comment section).

Photo via Instagram.