Things We Finish: Summer 2018 Edition


When you work in beauty, a big part of the job is trying out new products, no matter if you already have your favorite face moisturizer or red lipstick. Which isn't to say you can't have a few standbys, but the name of the game is experimentation: You're constantly moving from one product to the next to see what works and thus what's important to tell the world (i.e., you) about. It's a rare experience, then, to find yourself coaxing out the last drops from a moisturizer tube, or fumbling with a tiny stub of eyeliner. You gotta really love it. Hence this occasionally recurring feature: Things We Finish, in which we talk about the products that we spoiled beauty junkies squeeze, scrape, or shake 'til there's nothing left. Here are the beautiful empties we've refilled this summer:

Le Labo AnOther 13 Body Lotion

Used by Kelly Mittendorf, Associate Manager, Influencer Marketing
“The Le Labo AnOther 13 body lotion takes care of two basic human needs for me. Physically, I'm comforted that in a 90 degree, 90% humidity NYC summer my skin is moisturized in a lightweight, barely there way—it's the easy-hopefully-not-too-breezy little wrap dress for the skincare below your neck. Secondly, it provides me with the emotional comfort of everyone telling me I smell good all the time and not in a 'we could tell you tried to cover up your BO with perfume' way. Seriously, I've never received more compliments on how I smell. While attached to a heftier price tag than my normal Aveeno, I'm happy to shell it out now that I'm never wearing perfume again.”

Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum

Used by Diarrha Ndiaye, Product Marketing & Innovation Manager
“This summer, I retired my medium-coverage foundation for dewy skin tints and, on great days, nothing at all. My secret sauce has been my Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum. This milky grape root-derived serum lives up to its promise of radiant and refreshed skin. Those pesky "post pimple-squeeze scars" (better known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) fade away slowly, saving me a trip down the hydroquinone lane which is often daunting, given my deep dark skin tone. Also, the smell is 10/10!”

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Used by Alma Chapa, Brand Marketing Manager
"To be entirely honest, I'd never heard of Elemis before someone gifted me a gently-used Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (I'm a simple girl of simple pleasures), but I'd recently begun using a chemical exfoliant after cleansing at night (s/o Solution) and was in the market for a more substantial cream to take to bed. It’s super moisturizing without feeling greasy or heavy, and is one of only a few products that I've ever seen to make a tangible, visible difference in my skin texture. Unfortunately for my bank account, I now fear that I'll never be as happy with anything else."

New Wash

Used by Jennifer Simons, Planning Intern
“Low-poo, no-poo, co-washing, water-only, ACV—I’ve tried it all, but no routine switch seemed to fix the fact that my hair just wasn't healthy. So, on a 95-degree New York day, Wes Sharpton at Hairstory chopped my frequently tangled, prone-to-split-ends hair to ear-length. That’s when he suggested I try New Wash—it's not a shampoo, not a conditioner, and the consistency is akin to lotion. Once I got over the initial confusion and scrubbed it into my scalp, I fell in love. The frizziness went away and the shine was visible after one use. A year later, my wallet is sad but my hair is healthier than ever.”

Biologique Recherche Placenta Serum

Used by Poppy Thorpe, Head of Brand Marketing
“I love BR serums because they feel like mini-treatments for your skin that you can use to treat really specific issues for a short period of time. The BR Placenta serum is very smoothing and repairing — it helps to settle stressed out skin and fade the remnants of any spots you’re trying to heal.”

Supergoop Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil

Used by Alena Jaffe, Senior Packaging & Print Designer
“I am very pale and have most of my tattoos on my arms, so I like to wear sunscreen not only on my face every day, but also on my body to preserve my ink and protect the skin that sees the sun most. In my quest for the perfect body SPF I purchased the Supergoop Sunscreen Oil in hopes that it would be amazing enough to make me wear it every day. Not only do I love putting it on because it's easy to apply leaving no white-cast or stickiness, I’ve also gotten compliments on how nice my skin looks. Plus, it works wonders as a moisturizer, so I’m left feeling hydrated, protected, and glowy. Win, win, win.”

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

Used by Priscilla Quaye, Executive Assistant
“I love a red lip for many different occasions, so much so that I probably have 10+ red lip pencils/lipsticks/glosses. But Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella is the one I consistently come back to when I don’t want to overthink it. This is my second time finishing this lip pencil. IMO, it’s the perfect red on any skin tone, is no-fuss in that you don’t have to worry about a lipstick combo, it stays in place (even when you eat a burger!), and is matte but not too matte. The full-size fits well in my teeny tiny bags, but I actually prefer it the smaller it gets—Nars, if you’re listening, can you please make a mini version?”

A bottle of castor oil

Used by Bela Yousif, Communications Manager
"I started using castor oil on my eyelashes and brows every night because it's supposed to stimulate growth and make them super healthy. As someone who loves instant gratification, I was skeptical about whether this would actually work but honestly it did! In about three weeks I noticed that my lashes looked noticeably longer and shinier. I've been applying it daily every since and just finished my first bottle (purchased at Whole Foods). Pro tips: apply right before bed, remove contacts first, apply sparingly, and keep it handy in an an empty mascara tube (Amazon) so you don't forget to use it. Not entirely mess-free but worth it."

Dr. Alkaitis Travel Size Organic Soothing Gel

Used by Eva Alt, Social Media Editor
“I brought my travel-sized Dr. Alkaitis aloe with me to Italy this summer (I also have the full-sized). It was a good decision. After a day in the sun and a hot shower, I'd apply this liberally to soothe my skin, and then Monoi Oil on top for a sh%$t ton of hydration. I got it at CAP Beauty in NY, and it's very pure aloe, with other ingredients like chamomile to brighten. Apparently, 'Dr. Alkaitis uses only organic, biodynamic ingredients. You'll actually feel these products working as each substance does its job. They’re so wholesome they’re edible, so active they're actually alive.' SOLD”

Bag Balm

Used by Kate Turner, Facilities Manager
“Bag balm is my go-to foot treatment for soft heels. The original use of Bag Balm is for chapped cow udders in the Vermont winter cold. It’s a heavy duty, real-deal, almost medical-grade product. It has a very thick, Vaseline-type consistency, so it’s not ideal to apply during the day. A couple nights a week, I liberally apply it to my ankles, heels and toes, and then wear socks to bed. It can rub off on your sheets, so the socks are important. The results are sandal-ready feet, all summer long.”

Photo via ITG