The Sheet Mask That Gave Me Baby Skin


Not to brag, but I have read every Top Shelf in existence. Or at least skimmed. (I started as an intern waaaay back in 2012.) In my younger days I would right-click “Open in a new tab” on basically every product mentioned in every interview. No longer. I’m grown now and I have a day job.

This being said, on occasion I will go from reading a Top Shelf to entering my credit card information in checkout in less than 15 minutes. Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago as I’m suddenly staring at a One-Click Checkout screen on Amazon after perusing Lindsay Peoples Wagner’s Top Shelf. I purchased the Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack that she recommended because: 1. Look at her skin and 2. It was cheap. No harm no foul. I received the box a few days later and, when I tell you that hours after I opened it my skin was looking like a moist baby’s forearm, I am not lying. I am typically not a sheet mask girl because it’s too difficult to eat in them, but I am willing to suffer through that one pitfall for these. Not only did my skin look and feel amazing right after the mask, but I could clearly see the results the next day, too. The point is, here I am weeks later waiting for my second box of Korean sheet masks to arrive at my apartment so I can continue my quest to reclaim infancy. And it's only one click away!

—Kim Johnson

Photo via ITG.