The PR Agent With A Trick For Plump Lips


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"Hi! My name is Ellie Jones (@eloisejones), and I grew up in Kansas City, but have lived in Manhattan for about two years where I currently do PR for a fashion designer. I'm slowly learning that I am a more pleasant and focused person during the week if I can find a way to work out most mornings. Lately, I have been liking a mix of Pilates and running, then weights. Wednesdays, my best friend drags me to this class at night called Pure Muscle. It is probably nothing either of us should be involved in, but we feel fabulous afterward. You can also passive aggressively insert it into conversations for the rest of the week.

Recently, skincare has become more of an unwinding thing for me than anything else. It's such a relaxing way to start the day. I always queue up The Daily with Michael Barbaro while I'm getting ready in the mornings. His show makes me feel a little more tuned in to what's going on in the world. Barbaro has such a simple, balanced way of explaining things and interviewing people. On the weekends, music is a big part of my beauty routine. To me, it's just as important as any product I would incorporate into my getting ready ritual.

My introduction into the beauty world followed the classic middle school path in that it included turquoise eyeliner at some point, and a lot of bronzer. Next, came the YouTuber phase in which I was more of a voyeur than consumer. Nothing wrong with a good bake and contour sesh paired with some heavy false lashes when you're in college. To me, skincare is like exercising—you can go full CrossFit, or sometimes you just want a light stretch. I feel like I usually land somewhere in the middle of these two, probably towards the light stretch. I think quality products can stand on their own and don't need six other ones before or after them. After college, it became more important to just look like myself. I still love seeing people rock creative makeup looks. To me, that is just as inspiring as a clean/natural look. I'm also enjoying how much the beauty world has shifted towards well skin as a part of good makeup.

I am in constant flux with the products I use and what I think is working well at the moment, but there are a few staples that I have really stuck with over the past couple of years. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Mask has to be one of my all-time favorite masks. My skin is on the dry side of the spectrum, so a lot of times masks that are supposed to be clearing will dry me out. The Goddess Mask makes my skin baby smooth when I wash it off, and my complexion looks brighter and more even afterward. Also, after trying nearly every lip balm, lip mask, lip oil, etc., I have narrowed it down to two clear winners. For nighttime, I always put on Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. This stuff is so amazing, I will go to bed looking like Keith Richards and wake up looking like Keith Richards with moist lips. For day, I use Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. This stuff is initially intimidating because the agave in it makes it sticky and thick to spread on. It works so well because it seals in moisture rather than your lips immediately absorbing and having to reapply.

I usually start with Farmacy Cleansing Balm as a first pass at the end of the day. It does a great job of breaking down the eye make up and cleaning the skin without making anything feel tight afterward. Next, I go in with Tatcha Deep Rice Enzyme Polish, which is in this jar and pours out into a little pile in your hand like salt and you mix it with water to turn it into a sudsy situation. It makes me feel like a chemist and gently exfoliates off anything extra stubborn without feeling harsh. Next, I pat in toner. My current fave is The Essence by Tatcha. I love this stuff because it works especially well in tandem with the rice enzyme polish. My skin just drinks it up and is readier to absorb what follows. Last, I moisturize with either Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich or Tatcha Indigo Cream. If it's a CrossFit kind of skincare day, I will seal all that in with an oil like French Girl Facial Oil Elixir. Also worth a mention—eyelash spoolies make the best lip exfoliators.

For makeup, I always start with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. It's pretty heavy, so I like to put it on and then do some other things like making coffee and telling myself I will make it to the gym tomorrow. Then I go in with the Fenty foundation in shade 260 mixed with a couple of drops of an oil to dilute the coverage. I usually steer clear of matte foundations because I always go for a glowier look. Fenty is great because it mixes so well with everything and stays on. I think it's the longest I've ever stuck with one foundation. Next, I use my classiest product, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, which smells of the fake tropics but works so well. I like that it is more gold than orange and sits very naturally on the skin. Can happily report the fake tropical smell is fleeting, so not to worry. Next, I use my [Marc Jacobs Airblush] in Night Fever & Hot Stuff on the apples of my cheeks. This blush is the best because it truly lasts all day, which I have yet to find in another blush. For eyes, I have been loving the Sisley Phyto Twist in Topaz. It has great staying power and is quick to apply. You just draw it all over your lid and rub it in with your fingers, and you're done. Next, the star of the show, which is the Dior Lash Primer which temporarily makes me feel like a snow queen until I put my mascara over it (usually CoverGirl Super Sizer. Last but not least, I brush some Boy Brow in both black and brown through my brows because I am kind of in between colors.

Hair is probably the least extra part of my routine nowadays, which is really delightful. I have spent so much time over the last 10 years fighting my hair being wavy with wanting it to be straight. I finally have just started to let it do its own thing. I have little kid hair. It's fine, there is a lot of it, and it tends to have a hard time holding onto straighter/smooth styles. I really only use conditioner about two times a week, the one I use is Kerastase Créme Chronologiste. The rest of the time I just shampoo and then let it air dry after I shower. The one post-shower product I do swear by is the Oribe texturizing spray. It smells fantastic, and my hair holds onto it. I feel like it does a good job of enhancing whatever good vibes your hair has going on at the moment."

—as told to ITG