Vincent Beier Kaspersen, Model


"I wear womenswear every day, so when I walked Proenza [Schouler], that's what I wore. So when I'm modeling, now I'm usually in womenswear—it just feels more natural. I've been in fashion since I was 16...that's when I got my first internship with a designer and then started doing runway. Now I’m just enjoying seeing where it’s gonna take me. I do think it’s important to me to have personality, because that way I can help represent all kinds of people.

I bleached my hair a long time ago on a vacation when I was 15. I was absolutely bored, so I just decided to do it! It’s very hard to keep it moisturized because it gets so damaged, but I try to use a lot of coconut oil—it’s the only thing that helps. In the beginning, I’d color it myself—now, I usually just get it done backstage, and otherwise I go to Cim Mahoney in Copenhagen. I just cut it again because my hair was breaking off, but I hope I can get it [to grow] longer. I’ll wash it with Less Is More. That, and I use Karmameju. Sometimes I use silver shampoo to keep the blonde right. And to style, I’ll usually put some L’Oréal hair gel in to keep it slicked all the way back.

I’ve been using makeup for a long time. I’d always be sitting with my friends when we were kids, watching YouTube videos and doing makeup. But there will be periods when I use a lot of makeup and then periods when I don’t use makeup at all. Either I go all the way or, like, no way. [Laughs] So I’ll either just put on the Weleda Skin Food and mix it with the Marc Jacobs Coconut Dew Drops Highlighter—that will keep me dewy all day. Or, I’ll put on Marc Jacobs Full Cover Foundation. It’s good—it’s high coverage. I also use the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Illuminator, which I love. And I'll use my Beauty Blender—for everything.

For brows, at the moment I’m using a brow gel from Rimmel. Sometimes I’ll put in Vaseline, just to give them a little something. And then I like to wear either big eyeliner or bold lips. Today it’s a Pat McGrath glitter—technically lip glitter, but I use it on the eyes instead. And then I have a brown Marc Jacobs eyeliner. It’s just a little lighter than black, which makes it a little bit easier to work with, especially on the inner corner. And then I have a bit of Hoola Bronzer on my eyelids as well—I often use bronzer as eyeshadow. I used to do a MAC bronzer, but I feel like Hoola’s is a really nice matte brown. It’s very easy to build up or to build down. On my lips I’m wearing Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in a berry pink color.

My skin gets pretty dry, so at night I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate—it keeps my skin smooth and nice, and it’s so moisturizing. I also use Weleda Skin Food, which is super thick. For cleansing, I just do Bioderma on a cotton pad twice a day."

—as told to ITG

Photographed by Tom Newton on July 25, 2017.