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Here's What We're Buying On Black Friday


Just before the three members of Team ITG jetted off for their holiday weekends in respective regions of the U.S., they each wrote down the things they're planning to buy this Black Friday. No gifts, here; this holiday weekend, they're treating themselves. You should, too—what are you planning to buy on sale? Read and comment below to share. Happy Shopping!

Emily Ferber

Black Friday is my World Series, my Super Bowl, my heavyweight championship. I trained for years to learn the best ways to dive in and out of fitting rooms, find the best parking spaces for the longest amount of time, cajole merchants into holding stock for me in the back so I could get it on even deeper discounts... The day after Thanksgiving was a marathon mentally and a sprint physically and I was at the height of my game—until Black Friday became an ecommerce thing. It’s a little disappointing, but certainly easier on the joints (maybe get a wrist brace if you’re worried about tab-induced carpal tunnel). First stop is always The Real Real—last year I made out with a Stella McCartney sweater, Kenzo t-shirt, and Thakoon skirt for less than $200. Pro-tip: Download the app now and start a feed of all your favorite brands in your sizes. So clothes this year will be a nice surprise day-of. Less surprising is the fact that I can’t get this ear cuff out of my head. Stone and Strand is 20% off everything through Monday with the code BLACKFRIDAY, so it’s very likely to be in my possession in the next two weeks. (Always factor in time for shipping!) I might also drop by Sur La Table—this 6.5 qt. Dutch oven is really calling my name in a nice, unironic sort of way. —Emily

Tom Newton

I've wanted a few things from Patagonia for a while now—a nice baseball cap and a down jacket—and I'm going to buy them on Black Friday because last year they donated all proceeds from sales that day to environmental causes. I think that's pretty awesome. Patagonia, in general, is just awesome. I will also be checking Yoox for sneakers; I'm on the search for the perfect pair. I want them to be one part Nike x Tom Sachs, one part Balenciaga Triple S, and one part 'Would Jonathan Anderson wear these?' Wish me luck! —Tom

Anna Jube

Not for nothing does Black Friday happen to fall directly between my birthday and Christmas. Needless to say, this year I'm looking for myself, because Net-A-Porter's holiday sale prices keep dropping (and I'm not likely to reap those deals for anybody but me—I'm sorry). In other words, if I didn't have enough reason to buy these red patent leather cowboy boots, I do now! Black Friday also happens to be the second best day of the year for vinyl releases: I'll be up and at 'em, haunting my hometown's local record shop, clamoring to get this year's reissue of Iggy Pop's New Values. Pray for me. —Anna

Photographed by Tom Newton.