Five Cool Red Things


'Tis the start thinking of a new millennial color that isn't pink. Heresy, they'll say. But listen—I love a cool-toned, light pink thing as much as the next person (maybe more! I work at Glossier!). It's just that life can only look so rosy-toned until you're craving something a bit punchier. So maybe not another millennial pastel this time around. What about millennial red? You into it? I'm into it.

First of all, it's festive as shit. And now that the weather's turning, I'm here for the jolly vibes. But beyond the festivities, red is aggressive, it's powerful, it's delightfully gender-neutral. It's whatever you need it to be. Really—because there's a lot of really great red stuff on the market right now. So go ahead, punch up your pink. It'll be fun—until someone runs the "Why Millennials Aren't Wearing Pink Anymore" story. Try not to overthink it.

The Boot

The over-the-knee boot is surprisingly versatile. Slim enough to seem feminine under a tea-length skirt, they're also a fool-proof way to make your outfit warmer by swathing much of your leg in leather. These ASOS babies take their inspiration from those Balenciaga ones you might remember from Instagram—but without the hassle of spandex. And also not purple.
Amalie wears an H&M dress and boots from ASOS.

The Bag

I started wearing a mini red bag last season and have never gotten more compliments on any accessory in my life. Something about the jewel tone against the rest of my drab, neutral-laden New York wardrobe. Do yourself a favor and get people talking about how iconic your new red bag is. It's as easy as this Elizabeth & James Market Tote.
Amalie wears a Uniqlo x JW Anderson coat, an Elizabeth & James bag, a J.Crew turtleneck, H&M pants, and Trademark boots.

The Scarf

As the Parisians would do, non?
Amalie wears a Maison Kitsuné bandana and an H&M coat.

The Coat

If you take anything away from reading this, let it be that H&M has a lot of affordable red things worth your time. Like this coat! If you're going to go through the trouble of wearing a puffer, may as well make it flashy.
Amalie wears a J.Crew turtleneck, H&M coat, ASOS sunglasses, and B Sides jeans.

The Lipstick

Newly launched French makeup house La Bouche Rouge is all about reds. They're also all about sustainability—there's no micro-plastic anywhere in their formulae or packaging, and the leather tube is reusable with any of their refillable shades. But back to the reds—the brand's mission is to make the "right" red for everybody. They're current selection is limited, but has everything from nude red to orange red to pink red. Photographed is Anja's Red, made in collaboration with this girl right here. Which do you prefer?
Amalie wears a Uniqlo x JW Anderson trench, an Everlane tee, and B Sides jeans.

—Emily Ferber

Amalie Schmidt (Silent Models) photographed by Tom Newton. Styled by Lilli Millhiser.