ITG Endorses The Scrunchie


Other than the simple fact of their existence, there isn’t all that much to say about scrunchies. (Just say “scrunchie” 10 times fast—the more you say it, the weirder it sounds.) Regardless, the scrunchie has bounced around for several decades, having its on-again, off-again moments. Scrunchies showed up in the iconic film Heathers in ‘89, on ice skating rinks in the ‘90s, and in American Apparel stores in the early indie-hipster-ridden 2000s. But the reason we’re talking about them today is because whatever Carrie Bradshaw or anybody else has ever rudely said about them, there is nothing wrong with wearing scrunchies.

They're like any other hair accessory—decorative, and simultaneously practical. But if the preceding ‘80s dance floor reputation is too much for you, trying taking a new approach. A scrunchie is basically just a soft, stretchy piece of fabric that holds hair in place better than a hair tie. Nonchalantly throw one on to look like you don’t care (but you also do care, because you, like one ITG editor, ordered a berry-hued velvet ten-pack on Amazon just last week and you happen to have a closetful of berry-hued velvet track suits to identically pair with each of them). Or because the women of Saks Potts started making their own silk rendition. Or, finally, because the high-low of a scrunchie paired with the all the fall sweaters and jackets you’ve just acquired is really getting you in the mood to do something very Nancy Meyers-slash-Nora Ephron-esque. If that’s not an endorsement, what is?

Liz Kennedy (The Hive)photographed by Tom Newton. Hair by Timothy Aylward using Oribe. Scrunchies by scünci. Styled by Anna Jube.