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Please Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Bring Your Makeup Line To The States


It's British Week right now on ITG. Why? Well, why not! But also to celebrate the UK launch of Glossier. Consider this a warm, editorial welcome to all our new friends over in Blighty. Starting with Victoria Beckham, we'll be sharing stories from our favorite Brits—plus a few discoveries we've made ourselves. Stay tuned... Cheerio!

I'm sure there's a lot I don't know about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Whether she likes natural deodorant or gets along just fine with Mitchum, for one. If she's a morning or night showerer for another. (Please, Rosie if you're reading this, let's do your Top Shelf!) One more thing I don't know, just for fun: Why the hell is Rosie's excellent celebrity makeup, Rosie for Autograph, is only available in the UK???

Over the years, we've heard tell—through interviews mostly—that Rosie's line is low-key great. And yet, being New York-based, we were powerless to experience it. Think about Rosie for Autograph as you would think about Salma Hayek's line for CVS (do you think about that?)...Rosie's is exclusively a part of the offerings at the British-based Marks & Spencer chain. And listen, I get how licensing works. I even get how international shipping works! But what I don't get is why Rosie would want to skip out on the literally huge US market with her very well-priced and very well-formulated products. Come on, Rosie! We would literally buy the crap out of all of this. Things like:

  • A Liquid Liner that's the easiest felt tip I've ever used for a precise flick
  • A Lip Glossy in Super Model Smile that's the right mix between a "my lips but better" color stick lip gloss shine
  • A Cream Blusher that's rosy (fitting) but gives that sunburnt color if you build it up
  • A Shadow Stick that's a Caviar Stick by another name
  • A highlighter called Get The Glow that's an eerie mix between pink, bronze, and silver–I can't figure it out and love it all the more for that

I went to London and got it all, so I'm satisfied. But please, for the sake of all Americans (and Australians, too!) Rosie, ship us Autograph. More excellent affordable makeup for us, more market share for you. It's a win-win.

—Emily Ferber

For now, you'll have to make do with the Brits whose makeup is currently available in the states. Read Wendy Rowe's Top Shelf here.