4 Mismatched Eyeshadow Looks To Try


Clashing prints? Chic. Opposite earrings? Sophisticated. Mismatched eyeshadow? Long overdue. It's here now, though—a super simple and super adaptable statement look. Yes—ITG sees your Harley Quinn cosplay and Kat Von D homages, and raises you...a different route. As with all eccentric trends turned de rigueur, the goal is to keep that anything-goes attitude. Mismatched eye makeup embodies just that: two technicolor swipes from one palette that you already love, then, simply make up the rules as you go along. Emi Kaneko—whose glitter freckles you might recognize—came through with another playful look, but one that's also wearable. The possibilities are diverse and endless:

Go bold

There actually is such a thing as serving a bold look within your comfort zone. A colorful, two-toned cat eye strikes the right balance. Especially, says Emi, if your differing eyeshadow shades are of a similar smoothness and intensity: “There are no rules, but if you want to make a mismatched eye a little more wearable, working with the same textures helps. It works to have an element that’s cohesive, and play with the rest.”
x-emi-kaneko-eyeshadow-mismatched-1 copy
Emi started with Dior Contour Lip Pencil in 999, Rouge Dior Liquid Stain in 999 Matte and Glossier Lip Gloss, then created this color-concentrated cat eye with Make Up For Ever Fluo Night Pigment in Purple and Fuchsia, by mixing with MAC’s Mixing Medium.

Go shiny

Asymmetric metallics: perfect for after dark. Get a little theatrical by blending similarly-toned shades so that they’re inching toward your brows, then add silver and gold to your inner corners for that extra depth.
x-emi-kaneko-eyeshadow-mismatched-11 copy
Here, Emi started with Dior All-in-Brow 3D and MAC Pigments in Navy Blue and Emerald Green. For the inner highlight, she used MAC Pigments in Platinum and Gold. Finally, for lips, Dior Contour Lip Pencil in 999, Rouge Dior Liquid Stain in 999 Matte, and Glossier Lip Gloss

Go flourescent

For an expressive look, try winging it—literally and figuratively—with a freeform flick. Emi’s lines were off-the-cuff. “I found that the black was ideal for grounding the look, and the fluorescent color was where the play comes in. It could be two different colors, it could be mix and match, whatever just comes up. Use your normal eyeliner, but use two different colors.”
x-emi-kaneko-eyeshadow-mismatched-15 copy
Make Up For Ever Wet Makeup in Bright Green, Fuchsia, and Petrol mixed with MAC’s Mixing Medium for the fluorescent liner. The black eyeliner was done with Diorshow Art Pen. On the brows is Dior's All-in-Brow 3D and for lips, Emi used Dior Addict Lip Glow in 001.

Go speckled

Hello, Yayoi Kusama—is that you? No, it's just Emi, continuing to bring the drama, look after look. The bolder, more pigmented spots were put lower on the lid (eye accentuation is still key!) and lighter tones were applied on the outskirts to widen and brighten. “I was excited by the placement of the colors—the muted tones really help soften the dots’ intensity. It reminds me of a Dutch flower arrangement on the eyes. It’s a more extravagant look.”
x-emi-kaneko-eyeshadow-mismatched-22 copy
For this mismatched eye, Emi used Make Up For Ever Fluo Night Pigment in Fuchsia, Yellow, Green, and Purple mixed with MAC Mixing Medium.

To keep your mismatched eye looks going for longer, Emi suggests a couple things: “Setting spray definitely helps make the look last. But mismatched eyeshadow is one of those things where you know it’s going to look good in the morning, and then you’re either going to keep it going with touch ups, or you're going to party on, let it live and eventually settle into something new altogether. That’s the spirit of it—letting it do its own thing. Maybe you’ll find an even more interesting look than before.”

Xin Xie (The Lions) photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Emi Kaneko (Bryant Artists). Hair by Clara Leonard. Styled by Maggie Foster.