The Best Haircare Line You're Not Using


Hey there, it's me, Emily. Today, I'm simply going to be direct. No cutesy intro or rambling anecdote in the service of irreverent beauty reporting. Just popping in here to say that you're all sleeping on Windle & Moodie hair products. They sell them at Violet Grey; they sell them at Space NK; why have you not purchased them yet???

First of all, the namesake duo Neil Moodie and Paul Windle are just lovely. Paul is a longtime salon owner and runs operations at their Covent Garden salon. Neil is an editorial hairstylist with more covers to his name than can line the halls to his office. Of course, this is wonderful background information, but it does not help you understand just how good the products are.

Currently I'm using their newest launches–their Ultra Nourishing line of shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo works; it lathers, it rinses, it doesn't leave hair feeling like a bunch of wet, matted hay. But the conditioner...oooh the conditioner. I piled some on while attending the rest of my shower needs (currently Body Hero Daily Oil Wash and the Mave razor) and when I went to rinse it out, it was gone. Now, there are times when I forget a step. This was not one of those times. See, the formula is so rich in Tahitian monoi oil and shea butter, that it quite literally seeps into the thirstiest hair and nourishes it. So I smoothed some more on. By the time I got out, dried my hair, heat styled it, the works, I was dealing with some of the softest hair in my life. And that's no small task for my coarse, brittle strands.

Of course that's just one product. Tom's and my affection for the Invisible Day and Night Cream is well-documented. I'm also working my way through a bottle of the Shine and Smoothing Oil. Once winter hits, I have every intention of switching out the conditioner for the Intense Treatment Masque. Oh, and did I mention it all smells like white tea? Very British, and also very refreshingly "smell my hair." I'm totally sold.

—Emily Ferber

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