Meet Glossier Body Hero


Not too long ago, it was Glamour UK’s Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr who mused in her Top Shelf, “It’s so funny that for our faces, we’re so willing to do anything, but for the body, we just can’t be bothered.” Bodycare, for one reason or another, has turned into the outcast of the skincare world—as if the skin on your face isn't just as important as the skin everywhere else. We rush through it with no-name products, if we don't out-and-out neglect it. Even those of us who work on this site have what feels like literal tons of products for our faces—cleansers, mists, toners, spot treatments, serums, moisturizers, heavy moisturizers, plus three or four more steps—and...maybe some body wash for everything else? Faces are cute, sure, but that’s only about 10% of your real estate. So what's with the disparity? And further, how do you think Rihanna gets that highlighter gleam everywhere south of her neckline? We’d know for sure if we shot her Top Shelf (Rih, call us), but it’s probably more than just positive thinking and the occasional once-over with a loofa.

Which is why we’re thrilled to finally introduce you to Glossier’s latest: Body Hero, the products that won’t explode your body routine into 12+ overwhelming steps (it’s just two products), but WILL treat your body skin just as well as you treat your face for dewy, glowy, healthy results right away. Think of it as a well-deserved upgrade for a body that works as hard as you do. (Play this in the background while you read the rest.)

First, there’s Daily Oil Wash, which was inspired by the oil cleansers typically used to remove makeup and grime, but not moisture. Turns out, oil has stronger binding abilities with dirt than soap—and none of the unnecessary stripping surfactants—so you actually get cleaner even if you don’t get squeakier. In the shower, it turns from nourishing oil (sourced from coconuts, olives, grapeseeds, and sunflower seeds) to a light froth when you add water. It’s also really great to shave with, in particular; feels like killing two birds with one stone. Oh and the smell! Shoutout to Melissa Souto, whom you met the other day, for the perfect orange blossom neroli blend. It’s baby-fresh but still grown up. (And for kicks, a quick reminder that ITG loves neroli.)

On to the Daily Perfecting Cream. Ever since Garance Doré’s Top Shelf, we’ve been looking for a body cream that “leaves a glow on your skin and stays.” Four years later, here we are. Ours does two really important things: moisturizes skin with a combo of desert plant extracts, and just as importantly, leaves skin looking hydrated with light-reflecting particles. They’re nearly imperceptible, so you’ll never feel like you’re covered in glitter–but it does give a nice buttery sheen to limbs. With the same lighter-than-light neroli scent as the Cleansing Oil, it melts into skin immediately, so go ahead—put your jeans on, crawl into bed, or sit on vinyl seating. It’s all fair game because body cream should never come between you and living your life. That would be insane.

As always, the duo is available starting now at So next time Alessandra asks you “Why don’t you just moisturize every day?” you can tell her you’ve got it covered.

Paloma Elsesser, Swin Cash, Tyler Haney, Pia Arrobio, and Mekdes Mersha photographed by Peggy Sirota.

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