Pour One Out For: Nelsons Acne Gel


Dearly beloved,

It is with a heavy heart and an empty Amazon cart that we come to you today with the news that ITG's favorite homeopathic remedy, Nelsons Acne Gel, has been discontinued. It happened with little warning, and all too soon. Just yesterday, it seems, we were ordering the tubes by the two-pack, with Prime, for under 20 bucks. Turns out whe should have stocked up when we had the chance. As ever, our frugality got in the way and we're left treasuring half-empties, rationing between pimples and cysts. The arnica, calendula, and tea tree oil blend only seems to get sweeter with time, another knife to the heart.

So what are we left with? The memories, of course. (And all these other spot treatments. Too soon?) Our thoughts and prayers are with Emi Kaneko, the makeup artist and original Nelsons evangelist who introduced us back in early 2016. Backstage will never look the same. But on the bright side, maybe there's a new cheap trick to be learned.

Nelsons, it seems we hardly knew you. We'll never know why you were discontinued, but maybe if we all call our senators and state representatives, they'll bring you back. The number for Nelsons Natural World is 1-978-988-3833.

Until we meet again, old friend...

—Team ITG

Photographed in memoriam by Tom Newton.