The No-Makeup Approach To Perfect Summer Skin


The most ironic thing about the "no-makeup" movement of the past decade or so is that "no-makeup" almost always involves wearing a fair amount of makeup—at least concealer, maybe a little brow gel, definitely some mascara—which is part of what makes Katonya Breaux's UnSun Sunscreen so particularly wonderful. Not only is it an effective mineral sunscreen developed for women of color, but it can be used on all skin tones to varying finish. On deep faces, it blends in for a perfecting wash; on fair ones, it's an all-over, bronzy glow. On both, it's kind of genius, canceling redness while adding sun-kissed face definition and protecting your delicate mug from the sun. The phrase "miracle product" gets thrown around a lot, but this is where it lives.

It would be wonderful to wake up and not feel the need to apply makeup, but acne and redness and hyperpigmentation happen. It's nice to know there's a product that'll take care of everything for you pre-mascara—it's even nicer to know there are four, ready to fit into what ever product outfit you already have:

The Original One: UnSun Cosmetics Sunscreen

Where it all started—and the subject of the lede of this story. Read up for the whole review, but we'll take another moment to tell you: It's extremely good. If you're not yet convinced, look at this woman's skin.

The Natural One: Grown Alchemist Tinted Moisturizer

And the best option for a matte finish. Come for the heavy hydration, stay for the scent of camellia and geranium blossom, which smells like a resort spa facial in the comfort of your own half bathroom. (Fingers crossed for a version with SPF soon. Are you listening, Grown Alchemist?)

The Clinical One: MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Liquid Tint

OK, skin perfecting qualities aside: MyChelle's Sun Shield is a 16% zinc sunscreen with a waterweight texture. Did you read that OK, because if not, here it is again: A 16% zinc sunscreen with a waterweight texture. What are you waiting for?

The Fancy One: Natura Bissé The Cure Tinted Sheer Cream

The universally tinted counterpart to Natura Bissé's extremely luxurious The Cure cream, imparting moisture and dew wherever you put it. The undertone is on the gray side, so it also works as a pinch-contour on fairer skin types, while, yes, still being a skincare product. It's also alleged to be one of Beyoncé's favorite products. We'll just leave that there.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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