Weekend Suggestions: Wines & Masks


Doing a mask is nice. Having a glass of wine is also nice. Combine the two, and you have one extremely nice way to spend a Friday night. Wine. Mask. You. Friday. Or Saturday. Depending on your schedule.

Ahh. Doesn't that sound decadent? Forget about your roommate's friend's birthday dinner. You have your whole life to go get trashed with your girls. Tonight is all about you, taking the time to nourish your skin and consume alcohol at the same time. Also, try not to think about the "drinking alone" element. A bottle of Jack Daniels to the face is one thing—you're just having an elegant glass of wine while wearing cashmere sweatpants. Maybe two. Nobody is judging you.

Inhale. Hold that breath, and savor it like a Lindor truffle. Exhale. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Before you get stressed about choosing masks and wine to consume in concert, don't. Hush, little baby person. Relax. Suggestions are below—read them to yourself in a non-threatening tone, and feel free to improvise. This is your time. Spend it drinking a mask and doing a wine:

How about: A clarifying clay mask and a light white?

Work has been tough on you this week. That pimple just east of your nose is definitely, absolutely stress-related, and has nothing to do with how much dairy you're injesting. Lay down. Put some Fresh Umbrian Clay on it—the official clay mask of Into The Gloss—and remind yourself that you're good at your job and it's OK to make mistakes. May we suggest a verdant white to accompany your self-affirmation? This one is very nice.

How about: A delicious balmy rose and a sparkling red?

Feeling dry? It's OK, it happens to every person. It'd be nice if you had some kind of heavy, indulgent creamy mask that smelled like an expensive garden, and look! You do. It's right there in your hand: Pixi's Rose Flash Balm, a moisturizer-primer-mask hybrid product that's sumptuous on skin and is easy on the nose, too. Pair it with the red wine of summer—a Lambrusco like Lambrusco Mantovano Rossissimo, plucked from the wine list of Brooklyn's Barboncino pizza, where you should also order dinner from. "Do I rinse it off af—" Shh. Let the mask sink into your face unspoiled, despite your incessant questions.

How about: A "celebrity" sheet mask and a rosé formerly made by celebrities?

The collagen sheet mask from Christine Chin's Celebrity Collection finds its alcoholic counterpart in Miraval rosé, a crisp grape previously under the ownership of the Pitt-Jolie clan. Sip it while your skin drinks up amino essence and think fondly about the good times.

How about: An enzymatic exfoliating mask and a full-bodied red blend?

Trust the organic exfoliating gel recommended by Elettra Wiedemann and a chorus of ITG editors: Kat Burki's Dual Acid Peel. It's got both alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids to effectively increase cell turnover and burn up anything extra you don't want. It tingles a little more than your average peel, so it's not for the faint of skin. While your face burns off, indulge in a long pour of Columbia Crest's 2013 Grand Estates Red Blend, which is the best full-bodied $10 red there is. Happy weekend!

Photo via ITG.

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