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Anna Speckhart's Minimal Bridal Makeup

Anna Speckhart is getting wed this summer—mazel, Anna! But first, she's sampling every skin treatment and tinted moisturizer under the sun, for optimum nuptial glow on that special day. Last week she talked through her skincare prep, but now she's on to makeup. What's the recipe for formal-feeling makeup that doesn't weigh a metric ton? Find out in the video above.

Once you have all the secrets to perfect, glowing, beautiful, pre-teen, dewy skin, you still have to make sure you look better than every other person attending your wedding. Now, I do not know how to do my own makeup. Sure, I've perfected a little concealer, eyebrows, and blush, but outside of that my 3 year-old niece Stella Rose might as well be applying. So why on earth would I ever opt for DIY makeup on my wedding day? Well...

A. Wedding + any noun = $$$$$$, plus I blew my budget on skin prep

B. I'm doing a destination wedding and was worried I may end up looking like Toddlers and Tiaras

C. I figured if worse came to worst, I could just triple filter all photos and be fine

D. I asked my friend Christine Cherbonnier to teach me her ways. She's makeup artist who has 1) created her own non-toxic skin and haircare line Message Organics, and 2) been Yoko Ono’s makeup artist for the past seven years. How cool is that?! She is a true make up bada$$ and, along with ITG, she helped me create this How To: Wedding Makeup for True Dummies. Enjoy.

—Anna Speckhart

Shot by Tom Newton. Makeup by Christine Cherbonnier. Edited by Hannah Hafey.