Throw Out Your Blowdryer: Here Are The Best Air-Dry Products


Blow dryers come and go, but a good air-drying technique for your hair is forever—once you find the perfect recipe for beachy, wavy hair fresh out of the shower, never let it go. Also, share it with your coworkers, as we asked the rest of Glossier HQ to do recently. In the summertime, a good no-blow technique becomes even more valuable (to, you know, avoid having to point a fire torch at your head every morning) but these tips are perennial. Here's what everyone's using:

Aveda Thickening Tonic + Moroccanoil

"When I air-dry my hair (five days out of the week, usually) I use Aesop Volumizing Shampoo but no conditioner—I find that it really weighs my hair down. Once I'm out of the shower, I blot it with a towel, comb it out with a wide tooth comb, and spritz it with the Aveda Thickening Tonic. Because I skipped the conditioner in the shower, I'll run a bit of Moroccanoil through the ends to keep it from looking too dry." —Lucy Spiller, Talent Acquisition

Verb Ghost Oil + Virtue UnFrizz Cream

"My hair is fairly manageable—not quite straight, not quite wavy. In order to give it some sort of texture and shine I use one pump of the Verb Ghost Oil on my hair right after I’ve gotten out of the shower. I also use it almost every night before bed. Once my hair has dried a bit, I’ll use the Virtue UnFrizz Cream. For some reason this was my first foray into anti-frizz products, which I now realize is crazy. Life has forever been changed and I’m eternally grateful for my new static-free life." —Claire Cohen, ITG Intern

Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray or Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep

"I've always been into showering at night before bed, which doesn't allow much time for my hair to air-dry. I'm impatient and can't be bothered with holding a hair dryer up for more than a minute, so I improvise. First, I quickly towel dry my hair and brush it out with a wide tooth comb. I have super straight and fine hair so I need the extra oomph. I'll spray either Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray or Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep to my wet hair for added volume and texture. If I'm feeling particularly put together, I'll briefly blow dry the front part of my hair, which gives me a little more structure around my face. That's it—night night!" —Lizzie Hanes, Senior gTEAM Editor

Kiehl’s Straightening Cream + Oribe Gold Lust Oil

"My hair is brittle and has a lot of textures all at once—I sort of have to air dry my hair. I use a dime-size amount of the Kiehl’s Straightening Cream first, focusing on the ends and middle part of my hair. Then I layer in Oribe Gold Lust oil, starting with the ends and working my way to the root. I don’t know if the Kiehl’s makes my hair straighter or is meant to be used with a flat iron, but the creamy formula somehow magically tames my hair to be one cohesive look. When it’s dry I go back in with a bit of the Kiehl’s on the ends, which has kept it from getting frizzy or fly-away-y." —Kelly Mittendorf, Influencer Marketing

Ouai Hair Oil + Finishing Creme + Wave Spray

"I always air-dry my hair because it's convenient, and whenever I blow-dry my hair myself it turns super frizzy and thick. I use Ouai Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, and after the shower, I use Ouai Hair Oil and Finishing Creme through my ends and wherever I sense there's breakage. Together, it feels light, smells amazing, and doesn't make my hair look greasy. Also my hair feels healthier when I use it." —Elizabeth Sochko, gTEAM Editor

Hairstory Hair Balm

"I have wavy-to-curly, color-damaged hair that I try to coax back to some degree of health every time I rarely wash it. Hairstory Hair Balm reminds me of a moisturizer I’d put on my face...except it’s for hair. It dries into big soft curls, and if I sleep on it wet, I have a fun 'oh, huh, that’s pretty soft' moment when I touch it in the morning." —Nina Blass, Marketing Manager

Turbie Twist

"I don't use a ton of hair product. I wash my hair a lot because New York is gross, so I air-dry to try to avoid damage. My favorite product (if it counts) is the Turbie Twist. I recommend it to everyone. It's great at sopping up the wetness and is super lightweight so it doesn't feel like you are wearing a heavy towel on your head." —Kelly Dill, Finance Manager

Photo via ITG.

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