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"I love to really dress up when I go out. And I don’t know if it’s because I’m in this new-ish mom phase, but I rarely make an effort in how I dress from day to day, so when I go out with my girlfriends or on a date I like to go all out. I'm actually working on this web platform with my friend, Whitney [Casey] called Finery, and it's all about clothes. We spend two hours a week thinking about what we're going to wear, and that’s wonderful, but why not spend those two hours going to drinks with friends? Or hanging out with my baby? Or just doing things that are more important? The app basically organizes your closet by color, season, category, and you create outfits and assign them to calendar dates, or share them with your friends, or just have it all available to you. I mean, we have management systems for music, for banking, for our calendars... Why not have one for our closets?

For me, going 'all out' means something super funky or very dressy—not necessarily massive heels or anything, but I love vintage and mixing bizarre prints. My dress tonight is vintage, Austin has incredible vintage shopping. I love makeup, and I'm always excited to do a look, but when you have a job that involves getting made up all of the time, you have to take care of your skin. My main priority is dealing with zits. Before going out, I used to put toothpaste on them, before realizing it made them much, much worse. Luckily, the cameras on Grace and Frankie are very forgiving. I've been using iS Clinical's Active Serum and the Cleansing Complex to zap my zits. I also use the Sunday Riley Artemis Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil. I don't know what it does—like, hydro-actively get in my cells? I'm a gullible consumer. [Laughs] I always do these Skyn Iceland Eye Patches before an event. And after, too. It’s nice to know after a night of drinking I have something to aid in the de-puffing.

I always do a crazy lip when I’m with my girlfriends, and I’ll do it for a few reasons. One, my husband hates a bright lipstick, and when I'm out with my friends I don’t have to worry about it getting it all over his face. Two, if you have a great lip, you don’t need to worry about doing eyes and shading. You can just slap some stuff on your skin and be good to go. Tonight I'm just doing red... I borrowed Whitney's Smashbox Ruby Lip Liner, but I love Bite, too. I use their white pencils underneath whenever I do a bright color, which helps to fill in the lines and make the color not bleed.

Anything that can make you look dewy and gorgeous, I love. Tonight I'm wearing Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint with some Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, and a little Becca Highlighter. I love Becca—they're Aussies, so they're all about glow. I love Tracy Murphy’s Lash Star Mascara. It has two sides and one is too wiggle the lashes and one thickens them. I’ve watched her do my lashes and I can never do them the same. She’s a genius with the eye. Oh yeah, and eyeliner! I found the Rituel de Fille Eye Soot on Goop because Gwyneth Paltrow told me they would look smudgy and cool. I’m not a rock 'n' roll person but I love a smudgy, slept-in eye. Sometimes I’ll put a gloss over it. It makes your eyelids a little heavier and it feels very sexy and natural.

For my hair, I'll use one of those professional curling irons to give it more of that blown-out look. I started seeing Melanie at Propaganda Salon in Austin, and I told her I wanted Lauren Hutton natural hair, but like I've been surfing all summer. Clearly, my thing is 'fake natural.' [Laughs] I love the way Oribe smells, so I’m always using their Dry Texturizing Spray. They also have a Refresher Spray, because ladies, let’s be honest, sometimes you need it. I also just bought the Goop fragrance, which I love. I read this interview with Gwyneth and she was like, 'I want it to smell sensual and quiet, like an old library.' And I thought, that's exactly what I fucking want to smell like! I want to smell like an old book by a fire, like lumberjack-meets-professor. Here’s the thing, though, it’s not great from the bottle. You need to blend it into your skin. It's very musky, but when it warms up, it smells great.

At the end of the night, I always go to this 24-hour diner in Austin and get French fries with a side of remoulade sauce. Like a New Orleans remoulade. I once got cut off—they wouldn’t bring me any more. That was a good night."

—as told to ITG

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Brooklyn Decker photographed by Tom Newton at her home in New York on January 12, 2017.