Want To Age Less? Make Out More

Seeing that today is Valentine's Day, I wanted to share a hot tip I heard over the weekend that's relevant to readers who find themselves blissfully in love, readers who are struggling with TMJ, and everyone in between. I'm going to try and make it as non-mushy as possible, I promise.

First things first, you should know that having a tense jaw is no good. It can lead to headaches, teeth grinding, and most terrifyingly, the gradual widening of your face over time. I'm serious—Lisa Goodman told me this and I've been trying to slacken the lower half of my face ever since. If you've ever heard of people shooting themselves up with Botox in the jaw, it's likely to relax their constantly clenching mouth that's starting to pull the muscles in their face down and out too much.

Anyway, last Saturday I found myself laying prone at Shen Beauty in front of Candice Forness, the Ayurvedic facialist Jane Larkworthy raved so much about in her Skincare Diary last month. Over the course of an hour, Candice works her fingers all over your face (lightly!) and somehow all the muscles under your skin lift up a half an inch and you're a new person. As she works, she denotes aloud which muscles are particularly tense and suggests workarounds. Want to guess where I'm tight?

"You know the best way to reduce jaw tension?" Candice dangled in front of me like carrot in front of a horse if the horse was laying on a massage table getting a facial. "Making out! Twice a day, for a whole month. Try it and see what happens."

Now, I just heard this advice on Saturday and have not had a chance to test it out twice a day for an entire month yet. (Candice did not say how long each session had to be—that part is dealer's choice apparently.) That said, it's freer than Botox and comes with a dopamine/serotonin punch that's more natural than anything you'll find in a syringe. The only problem could be scheduling—and I'm sure you can find some way around that. For the good of your health!

—Emily Ferber

Video via Robyn.