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The French Way To Moisturize Your Face

It's been a while since we'd last heard from Isabelle Bellis, the Parisian facialist who made ASMR dreams come true four years ago with her How To Clean Your Face video published on this very site. Before opening up shop on the Upper East Side, she trained with the inimitable Joëlle Ciocco in Paris—and before that, she studied gemstones in Belgium and Israel. Now, she's the voice in our heads all of the time, quietly lulling us through our cleansing routines. To celebrate the launch of Glossier's Priming Moisturizer Rich, she's back to help with the latter half of our skincare regimen. Save to bookmarks forever.

Step 1) Tone with water

Starting with a product that's as French as Ms. Bellis: Avène Eau Thermale. The pH-neutral thermal water gently tones skin while preparing it for the moisturization barrage it's about to undergo.

Step 2) Treat with serum

This is your treatment step. Dab any excess thermal water off with a towel—do you feel how soft your skin is already?—and gently pat on any number of treatment serums. For peak moisture, use something humectant like hyaluronic acid.

Step 3) Apply moisturizer

Oil, gel, cream, whatever your pleasure. Isabelle's using Priming Moisturizer Rich because winter calls for a little something extra.

Step 4) Tap on eye cream

...or oil, or gel, or cream. Just make sure to treat your undereyes to additional moisture—the skin there needs it.

Step 5) Load up on SPF


Step 6) Finish with lip balm

See? That was easy.

Video shot by Tom Newton. Edited by Will Kitchings.

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