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How To Look Absolutely Fabulous Sans Fillers, Botox, Or Coolsculpting

Everyone has their opinions about Botox, Restylane, Coolsculpting… Some are positive, some are hesitant, and at this site, we try to take a neutral position: Everything’s great if it works for you. If not, no worries—keep living your life. That said, there is some middle ground for anyone who’s ever had a momentary daydream about lip fillers and shrugged it off. Maybe injections aren’t totally right for you, but hey! You’ve got options! Mainly, a bevy of spa treatments and facials that can plump, slim, or smooth just about anything you want without needles or side effects. Are all these treatments a luxury? God yes. But if you were already considering an injection or two, they could sound like a bargain, particularly pre-big life event where the pictures are going to be memorialized in one of those DIY photo books for all eternity.

Got recommendations? Leave ‘em in the comments. Knowledge is power.

Fewer Wrinkles, No Botox

Take it from Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt: If you want plumper looking skin, an oxygen facial is the answer. She and the rest of her leggy brethren are said to see Mzia Shiman for the best facials, but word around town is that she only takes personal referrals. For the rest of us, there’s Intraceuticals, with spas practicing their technique all over the country. The oxygen is applied with light pressure, essentially pushing hydration and nutrients deep into the skin. Emerge brighter, more lifted, and sans any wrinkles for several days.

Facelift Minus The Needles

Meet Tracie Martyn, pioneer of the “Rescuplting Facial” (it’s actually trademarked by her) and facialist to Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler, and Lady Gaga among others. The key here is her micro current machine that encourages the muscles of the face to tighten and lift. With continued use, Martyn says her effects are long lasting, which means more define jawlines, less droopy eyelids, and higher cheekbones for everyone without any invasion procedures.

Similar but for the Biologique Recherché lovers out there, there’s Kariné Kazarian and her The Manual Lift Pinching treatment. She also works out the muscles in your face, but manually. This one is more like a stressful massage, but on your face. Kariné finishes off treatments by rolling liquid nitrogen over the face, essentially freezing the lift. And it feels amazing.

Coolsculpting But Quicker

It is ITG's policy to take any and all body advice from Brazilian ladies. In our neighborhood, that’s the women behind the Maria Bonita Salon. Their version of a lymphatic massage is legendary, promising to take inches and cellulite off your waist or thighs after one session. While the results might not be permanent, no need to try it for multiple sessions and wait several months to see what’s what.

If you don’t live near a Brazilian salon, check your local spa for a body wrap or shaping treatment, à la those you can find the Great Jones Spa or Daphne Spa in New York. Wraps can include targeted areas of firming massage plus heat that can help burn upwards of 1000 calories while you just lay there.

Plumper Lips Without Filler

You know that Ziip Nano Current Device we’ve been talking about? (You can win one in our Gift Guide right now! Don’t sleep on it!) Well, bless Melanie Simon, the founder, because she keeps adding new treatments to the device via the updatable app. Most recently, Ziip now offers a lip treatment—in which you hover the device over your lips for fuller, plumper results. Don't sleep on that either.

Photographed by Tom Newton. More product suggestions in the slideshow above.

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