The Great ITG Fall Candle Roundup

Something is about to become abundantly clear: Team ITG is all about the woodsy smells once fall hits. We had every intention of giving the readers something festive and varied with this candle roundup; what we ended up with is a bunch of Christmas tree-scented options, with a few wildcards thrown in. (Thank Eric Buterbaugh for that.) What can we say? Even the non-Christians among us can't help but melt into a puddle of holiday-tinged sap when presented with anything reminiscent of a Douglas fir. Perhaps you're the same, in which case—enjoy! If not, there should be plenty in here to last you well into springtime, at which point we'll bring out the tuberose and gardenia in full force. Until then, we hope you like themes!

Diptyque Sapin
If your Christmas tree went to The Dalton School. Seriously—this is a perfect dupe for a very fancy Douglas fir. Not the most secular candle, but jolly nonetheless.

Le Labo Pin
Not the tree, but the whole cabin: smells like pines, cozy sweaters, nearby loved ones, and holiday cheer.

Cire Trudon Bethlehem
"In a warm amber manger, his eyes open wide to take in the silver night. He takes his first breath, inhaling exotic spicegifts from distant travelers who have come to celebrate his arrival," reads the scent description. Sure!

Aerin Salzburg Pine
Full-bodied and garnished with cinnamon. Exactly what you want to be drinking on New Year's Eve.

Nest Cashmere Suede
A great dupe for Santal 26, and its low price-point will come in handy when you're broke after holiday shopping. But first, gift yourself the matching hand lotion and soap, too.

Annick Goutal Ambre
Not complicated. If you like amber (warm, resin-y, deep), this one's your pick.

Diana Vreeland Extravagance Russe
This is what Vladimir Putin wished his home smelled like.

D.S. and Durga Spirit Lamp
With notes of coconut milk, peach water, and tea, this is the detox beverage of choice for people who don't drink regular milk anymore and celebrate the holidays in the Bahamas.

Tocca Chamonix
A welcome reprieve from your normal pine—this too is a woodsy candle, but balanced with rosemary. But, yeah, still pine.

Le Feu de l'Eau M.I.H. Candle
Eau de chilly winter morning. Burn it while you Black Friday shop.

Buly Alexandrie
Forget the scent—look at that marble chalice. A perfect housewarming gift for Marie Antoinette or Imelda Marcos.

Tom Ford Oud Wood
A recent extension of Tom Ford's private label scents that smells like a warm embrace from the man himself. Included is a branded snuffer, because Mr. Ford isn't about that smoke drama.

Monokle Wood Sage and Cardamom
Baking cookies at the beach in the Hamptons. A very Nancy Meyers Hannukah.

Eric Buterbaugh Florals Rose and Wood
The East Village rose, not a grandma's rose.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White
When you want your candle to smell like your favorite dry shampoo, perfume oil, fragrance, and Olsen sister. White is ITG's preference, but Black is also available for your consumption.

Joya Foxglove
Of all of the candles in this roundup, this one takes Best of Packaging. It's supposed to evoke images of Central Park, but it smells more like really fancy holiday party on the Upper West Side. Close enough.

Prospect NY x Baron von Fancy x Red Flower What A Smokeshow
Smells like grapefruit, bitter orange, and black pepper, but we know you're buying it for the graffiti.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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