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Emily Ferber's Morning Makeup Routine

Well, to be honest, it's usually not this glamorous. It won't surprise any of you when I say that you start to think a lot more about what your pajamas look like when you've positioned a tripod at the end of your bed. But in the service of the Get Ready With Me series, here I am, bright and early.

I don't really like waking up, but somehow I've conned myself into being a morning person over the past four years. This is mainly due to my alarm system—I set four of them just about every day. The first goes off at 6am, the next at 6:10, then at 6:15, and finally at 6:30. This does not account for the three extra rings I get from pressing snooze each time. By the time it's 6:25, I've suffered through close to six alarms and being awake finally seems less painful than dozing for three minutes at a time.

My favorite part of my routine might be my sheets though. I've had a serious bedding addiction for a long, long time and Nell Diamond's Hill House Home Savile Set (piped in black) isn't helping matters. They're almost perfect enough to get me to start making my bed in the morning. And yet! I still don't.

When I manage to get myself vertically aligned, doing my makeup in the morning is better for my cognitive functioning than my first cup of coffee. It's become so routine that it's similar to the shower principle for me now: Do something manual, while your mind is at ease, and you you tend to come up with some of your better ideas. That, and I tend to shower at night. It takes me 20 minutes max, and then I'm out the door and off to find real caffeine.

It's an in-between season (not reliably fall, but definitely not summer anymore), so vestiges of my August makeup routine are still in here. But I've certainly made one change: adding some moisture before makeup. I don't know why I've waited so long to incorporate some hyaluronic acid plain and simple into my routine, so I won't try and tell you. Now, I'm living in a post-Super Bounce world and my complexion is happier. I'm using it as my skincare version of a primer. Pat on, let sink in, watch face glow.

I found the Dior Hydralife BB Cream at Sephora this summer when I decided more of my makeup needed to have an SPF factor in it. The formula is a little heavy—not necessarily to wear, but to apply evenly. So I've been mixing it with my real SPF, the La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX Serum SPF 50 that I copped from Eva's Top Shelf. Result: a dewier version of velvet that gets me a lot of compliments.

Another thing I learned this summer is that you don't know how good your blush is 'til it's gone. I started wearing Burberry Earthy Blush No. 7 after Wendy Rowe slipped me a compact, and now I can't imagine not wearing it. It's the kind of product that gives your face definition without trying—because, trust me, I cannot contour worth a dime. I put it everywhere with my favorite La Mer Powder Brush—it feels like cashmere on a stick—but concentrate high up on my cheekbones, instead of the apples. Makes me look a bit ruddy, and I like that.

Everything else is quick. Boy Brow in Brown; Sisley Phyto Lip Twist in Nude on my lids for a little warmth and shine; Diorshow; Generation G in Cake, set with a little YSL Tint-In-Oil.

Hair, which was behaving in the video, most likely makes its way into a Bella Hadid topknot by 10am. She has my eternal gratitude for re-popularizing my lazy hair solution into something chic. Thanks, Bella!

—Emily Ferber

Edited by Coco Baudelle.