What's The Best Cheap Candle?


Please allow us to introduce Maison Louis Marie No 4 Bois de Balincourt—have you guys met? You may know Louis Marie as the fraternal scent twin of Le Labo Santal 26, except HALF of the price. It's the Jenna Lyons of soy blend wax; elegant, minimal, yet unpretentious. And also like Jenna Lyons, you have a good chance of running into it at Steven Alan on a Saturday afternoon.

The point is: Good candles can be cheap! (Fine, $34 isn't cheap, but it's budgetable.) They are all around us, hidden in plain sight, burning with undiscovered potential. Please—if you know of any, reveal them. If only so we at ITG can enrich our apartments with wonderful scent, and also, we have three birthdays during August and need to get gifting.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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