Good (Home) Vibes Only

OK, so I'll level with you—I don't totally buy into the whole "mindful objects" thing. In 5th grade I begged my mom to buy me one of those tiny zen gardens (with the baby rake), and when she refused, I threw one very un-zen tantrum that lasted until my high school graduation. Then I became an adult, good vibes seemed a little more necessary, and we launched Haloscope in two shades—each infused with a crystal that's said to have properties outside of looking cute. Quartz features rose quartz (the stone of love!) and Topaz features golden topaz (which boosts creativity!), if you're into that sort of thing.

I kind of am now? Well, I'm ready to re-embrace the idea of promoting positivity—through meditation, fine, but also through strategically purchased homegoods. Despite where you fall on the cynicism meter, there's nothing wrong with happier thinking. Inner glow, outer glow, right? Right.

  1. Muji Diffuser: Diffusers don't cost a ton and they turn normal air into happy air. They're better at scenting a room than a candle, and the benefits of essential oils are manifold. Ylang ylang and lemongrass in particular are recommended as positivity-inducing. As for the vehicle, opt for the sleek, minimal, Japanese-designed Muji friend. Until it starts shooting steam out of it's mouth, you'll barely notice it's there

  2. Northern Light Technologies Light Therapy Lamp: The idea behind light therapy is this—if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or non-seasonal depression, light exposure helps*. Especially if that light replicates sunlight in its brightness, but sans the harmful UV rays. Most light therapy lamps are offensively ugly, but not this one. It may be the most expensive thing at, but it's shaped like the Louvre, which is chic. Put it anywhere you need some sunshine.

  3. Chakrubs' The Heart: The perfect rose quartz desk objet—a stunning and luxe paperweight. Just kidding! This is a crystal dildo. And before you scoff at the price of one very extravagant sex toy, recall what you know about rose quartz, the stone of love everlasting. As Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia mentioned last year when we interviewed her, "It is just a really good sex toy, regardless of the [crystal] benefits." Treat yourself!

  4. It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden: In all honesty, this is one of the best books of all time—even though the title is kind of eyerolly. Paul Arden is a creative director based in London, and the book is chock full of tips on how to be a confident, efficient, and successful professional. It's also tiny, and about 100 pages—you can read it in an hour. It looks nice enough to leave out and is a great source of inspo whenever you've got time to kill.

  5. Letters By Zoe Evil Eye Necklace: Oh, you thought there wouldn't be any evil eyes in this roundup, did you? Allow this gold necklace to ward off any and all negativity that comes your way. Never underestimate the healing power of jewelry.

—Brennan Kilbane

*I am not a doctor! Just a vibes expert.

Screenshot via Bella Hadid's Snapchat.

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