Jordan Rebello, Vintage Buyer


The girl who launched a thousand Cherry Balm Dotcom moodboards—meet Jordan Rebello, the vintage dealer and Glossier model we met on Instagram:

"I grew up on Martha's Vineyard—my mom worked at a country club and my dad runs a couple of retail stores. They grew up there. My dad's from the Azores off the coast of Portugal, and my mom is Native American. Our tribe—the Wampanoag tribe—originated on the island. Being American Indian is so cool. We originated here! I didn't grow up on a reservation, so the culture wasn't a part of my everyday life until I got older. Now, because I'm modeling more, it plays a prominent role. People still forget about American Indians, but it's getting better. I'm trying to do my part.

I left Martha's Vineyard for college and eventually moved to Los Angeles—I just kind of wanted to travel and do something different. I started collecting vintage, which is my passion. I sift through estate sales, go to warehouses, and just pick through the clothes, one by one. It's so much fun. I normally sell at the Rose Bowl and the Long Beach Flea, but I'm actually opening up my own shop really soon. LA is so great. It's the perfect place for Poppy [my daughter], she has so many things to do. She's a Sagittarius, so she's a fire sign. She has lots of fire. [Laughs] I'm a Cancer, I'm really motherly, and she kind of runs me. She knows how to play me. It's kind of cute.

When I was pregnant, I rubbed my belly with coconut oil and cocoa butter every day. And I didn't get any stretch marks! Maybe you get them after the second baby? But I got really lucky. I think rubbing coconut oil on your belly constantly is a huge help, though. So I still use that, or I'll use vitamin E oil if I'm going to sleep. I try to exercise and eat healthy, too—but on the days I don't eat so healthy, I'll take some vitamin D or vitamin C. I think supplements are great. But I try to keep what I put into my body simple.

What's my beauty routine? Well, when I wake up, I wash my face with warm water and a white terry washcloth. That's the main thing I do. And since I don't really wear makeup, I'll just do the whole Glossier Phase 1 Set. It's perfect for me, somebody who doesn't wear a lot of makeup but just wants my skin to look nice and clean. I like the Priming Moisturizer, and I'll also put on the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment and the Line-Reducing Concentrate. Not that I have many lines, it's just preventative. And also, SPF—Kiehl's Super Fluid. It's so important to wear sunscreen.

The Perfecting Skin Tint in Dark is great for my cheekbones, but not my T-zone. And I like the Stretch Concealer, too, to even out the skin a little bit, especially around my eyes. Then I use very light blush on my cheeks. I don't have a favorite really, but right now I'm using MAC Powder Blush. I just like pinky tones. I'll wear a little liner on my eye and a nude lipstick—any kind of nude lipstick. Chanel, MAC, anything, just something that looks like my skin tone. It's kind of a cool look, with a little bit of balm on top.

My hair has always been long—I cut it myself, just here and there if a piece needs a cut. It's really bouncy, so you can barely tell if I mess it up. I don’t shampoo ever, like ever ever. Maybe once every three months. I just use the Bb Curl Conditioner when I'm in the shower. And then I’ll get out, I’ll brush it wet, and then put a little bit of the Creme in it just to give more moisture. Plus a little bit of Bb Curl Conditioning Mousse and I’ll just blow dry it and walk out the door. Sometimes I’ll have a problem where I’ll want more volume up top, but it doesn’t bother me. I used to use nothing in my hair—literally. But then I got the Bumble stuff and am obsessed. I'm like, how did I not use products before?"

—as told to ITG

Jordan Rebello photographed by Tom Newton in New York.

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