There Are Three New Glossier Balm Dotcoms


Remember Lip Smackers? (Of course you remember Lip Smackers.) Who didn’t love those tiny, sparkly balms as a kid? You had 20 different colors, they sometimes smelled like root beer, you could wear them as a necklace...what a perfect introduction to the joy of beauty products. But the real takeaway from those little tubes was this: Moisturizing your lips shouldn’t be monotonous—it should be fun, it should be colorful, it should smell good. So we at Glossier, proud members of the Lip Smacker generation, wanted to make a product for when the Lip Smacker girl grows up. Something just as fun, but more befitting of your adult responsibilities, like your 401K plan.

Today, the Balm Dotcom family grows. We’re proud to introduce you to the Flavored Balm Dotcom Trio: Cherry, tangy with a sheer red tint; Rose, pink and sweet but not grandma-y; and Mint, refreshingly cool thanks to an added dose of menthol. But beyond just being new flavors, each balm has its own story, fleshed out in beautiful, collaged imagery with loving care by our Creative team. Picking the scents came first, of course. (Fun fact: We surveyed Glossier HQ on their dream balm flavors, way back when we were deciding which should join the ranks with Coconut Balm Dotcom.) But then came the worlds, built out over the course of 5+ shoots, one honeymoon, and some really excellent styling. A bit more on those below…

Mint Inline

Shot upstate in Woodstock so close to the end of winter you’d want to call it spring. We rented a house off Airbnb and packed a few Stella McCartney pieces (a minty green faux fur and a cozy one-shoulder cream sweater). Some of the shots you see in the collage are from Iceland—Linda Bui went on her honeymoon late last year and the pictures were too good not to pull for this.

Rose Inline

We love a natural rose scent (see: Soothing Face Mist and Milky Jelly Cleanser), but this balm does not smell like any other rose. It’s sweeter, more like a fragrance than an actual bloom. The vision for the campaign was that girl you knew in high school who had a fancy room, maybe with a canopy over her bed, and spent a lot of time being dreamy in it. We shot it late into the afternoon one day at Sandy Liang’s very well-appointed studio in the Lower East Side. In the shots, you’ll see: vintage Calvin Klein tights Annie stole from her mother and huge floral arrangements by Brrch Floral.

Cherry Inline-1

Cherry got the nighttime treatment—it’s poppy, it’s playful, and conveniently, the red tint is a really good going out lip look without the stickiness of a gloss. And really, who wants a heavy lipstick on a night out? It distracts from fun. For the vibe, we took photos between Monkey Bar and Mission Chinese for the perfect amount of red.

All together, they make up the Flavored Balm Dotcom Trio—and for a limited time, buy ‘em together and get $6 off. It’s convenient, too—one for your bag, one for your other bag, and one for your other other bag.

Collect them all!


Photographed by Tom Newton and Stephanie Dinkel.

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