Reminder: Smoothie Bowls Are Awesome (& Easy)


Drinking juice is all good and fine until you want to start using your teeth again. What I can really get down with if you're jonesing for a juice, but still want, you know, food, is a hearty smoothie bowl. With the works. It's essentially eating frozen fruit with a spoon, so that's 100% great. Most importantly, they come with toppings. My inner, Pinkberry-crazed, 16 year-old self goes nuts for this stuff. Granola, chia seeds, coconut, hemp, bewitched mulberries...

So it isn't surprising to me that the best part of my recent trip to Miami wasn't the weather, the beach, or the poolside cabana. It wasn't even the rain room at Lapis Spa at The Fontainebleau, which is indeed very awesome. It was a two-mile walk I took by myself to make pilgrammage to Jugofresh in Miami's Sunset Harbour district.

I trekked along the side of the road for 45 minutes before finding the Instagram-famed juicery, which was conveniently located next to a high-end consignment store. It was like a Juice Press-meets-Moon Juice Mecca. Colorful and lively, and not even remotely intimidating or sterile like a lot of raw food places. I ordered the Sana de Rana smoothie bowl—an almond milk, banana, coconut meat, almond butter, spirulina concoction that sounded like it would keep me full for hours and cleanse me of all my sins, past, present, and future. It was divine.

So divine, in fact, that I dragged myself back three more times in the next three days—after which the nice people at Jugofresh were generous enough to give me recipe for their most popular bowl, the Unbelievabowl. Should help tide me over until my next trip.


2 cups frozen raspberry
1 tb raw honey
3 slices kiwi (or sub 1 frozen banana)
1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 cup blackberries
1/4 of an avocado
1 tb hemp seeds
1 tb mulberries
1 cup cinnamon buckwheat granola (or sub your favorite granola)
Additional manuka honey (optional)

1. Blend raspberries, honey, avocado, and almond milk—add additional milk or water for consistency. Place in bowl.
2. Add everything else on top. Other ideas: coconut, almond butter, cacao nibs, fruit of your choice.

Serves 1-2.

—Eva Alt

Photo via Jugofresh.

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